Game Report on Northern Guilford-Rockingham County Boys Basketball:Whitley and Lomax were the high scorers for the ‘Hawks, as they were flying past “The ROCK”

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Northern Guilford 70, Rockingham County 23
Varsity Boys Basketball

Northern:  18, 23, 20, 7=70
Rockingham: 5,  5,  9, 4=23

N Whitley: 17
C Lomax: 13
R Pleasant: 9
N Hodge: 8
J Helms: 6
O Griffith: 4
S Emerick: 4
J Sims: 4
A Hogsett: 3
A Spizzo: 2

B Barnes: 12
J Compton: 3
A Stallings: 2
B Patterson: 2
L Smith: 2
C Doss: 2

Courtesy of Olivia Rollins with Northern Guilford Boys Basketball

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