High School Basketball Conference Tournaments Set to Begin on Monday

Posted by Andy Durham on February 16, 2020 at 4:05 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference Basketball Tournaments…
(Courtesy of Charlie and DeDe Chapman, from the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference office)

Boys:Action begins on Tuesday of this week with:
#5 Southeast Guilford at #4 Asheboro 7:30pm…#6 Southern Guilford at #3 Burlington Williams 7:30pm…#7 Southern Alamance at #2 Southwestern Randolph 7:30pm…Most Improved team in the league this year is SWR…#1 seed Eastern Guilford will face the #5 seed SEG-#4 Asheboro Winner on Wednesday at 7:30pm, at Burlington Williams…Semifinals on Wednesday and Thursday at Williams and Finals on Friday, at Williams(7:30pm)…

Girls action begins on Tuesday of this week with:
#6 Eastern Guilford at #3 Asheboro 6pm…#7 Southern Guilford at #2 Southwestern Randolph 6pm…#5 Southern Alamance at #4 Burlington Williams 6pm…#1 seed the Southeast Guilford Falcons will meet the Winner of #5 Southern Alamance and #4 Burlington Williams on Wednesday at 6pm, at Burlington Williams…Semifinals on Wednesday and Thursday at Williams, 6pm…Finals on Friday at Williams, 6pm

ADMISSION – $5:00 – first round, $6.00 – semifinals, $7:00 – finals

Passes Accepted – NCHSAA Coaches/Principals; Mid Piedmont Conference Passes – No
individual school systems passes or badges will be accepted.

TEAM ADMISSION: Players/managers/cheerleaders will be admitted only on nights they
play. (If they come as a team on nights other than when they play they can be admitted
with their coach)


Cheerleaders will be assigned no more than 3 rows in the bleachers

Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference Basketball Tournaments:
(Courtesy of Brindon Christman, from Southwest Guilford High School)

Boys Seeding:
1- Mount Tabor
3-WS Parkland
4-Southwest Guilford
6-Western Guilford

#5 Dudley at #4 Southwest Guilford 7:30
#6 Western Guilford at #3 WS Parkland 7:30

Dudley/SWG winner vs #1 Mount Tabor 7:30 aT WS Parkland

WG/WS Parkland winner vs. #2 Smith 7:30 at WS Parkland

Friday Championship at WS Parkland 7:30pm

Girls Seeding
1- Dudley
2-Mount Tabor
3-Southwest Guilford
4-WS Parkland
5-Western Guilford

#5 Western Guilford at #4 WS Parkland 6:00pm
#6 Smith at #3 Southwest Guilford 6:00pm

#4 Parkland/#5 WG winner vs. #1 Dudley 6pm at WS Parkland

#3 SWG/#6 Smith winner vs #2 Mount Tabor 6pm at WS Parkland

6pm Finals at WS Parkland

Metro 4-A Boys:
(Courtesy of Joe Sirera www.hsxtra.com)
#5 High Point Central at #4 Ragsdale on Monday night at 7pm…..First Round Game
#3 Page at #2 Grimsley Tuesday night at 7pm(If New Glass Backboard can be installed)…Semifinal Game
#5 HP Central-#4 Ragsdale winner at #1 Northwest Guilford on Tuesday night 6pm

Metro 4-A Girls:
(Courtesy of Joe Sirera www.hsxtra.com)
#5 High Point Central at #4 Page 7pm…First Round Game
#3 Grimsley at #2 Ragsdale Tuesday at 7pm…Semifinal Game
#5 HP Central-#4 Page winner at #1 Northwest Guilford on Tuesday night at 7:30pm

Mid-State 3-A Girls: (All of these games are set for Monday night)
(Courtesy of Joe Sirera www.hsxtra.com)
#8 Morehead at #1 Northern Guilford 6pm
#7 Rockingham County at #2 Eastern Alamance 7pm
#6 McMichael at #3 Western Alamance 6pm
#5 Northeast Guilford at #4 Person County 6pm

Mid-State 3-A Boys: (All of these games are set for Monday night)
(Courtesy of Joe Sirera www.hsxtra.com)
#8 Rockingham County at #1 Northern Guilford 7:30pm
#7 Northeast Guilford at #2 Western Alamance 7:30pm
#6 Eastern Alamance at #3 Morehead 7pm
#5 McMichael at #4 Person County 7:30pm

PAC 7 2-A Girls:
(Courtesy of Joe Sirera www.hsxtra.com)
#7 Trinity at #2 High Point Andrews Monday night at 6pm

PAC 7 2-A Boys:
(Courtesy of Joe Sirera www.hsxtra.com)
#5 Eastern Randolph at #4 High Point Andrews Monday night at 7:30pm
(Both HP Andrews boys and girls games at T Wingate Andrews High School, on Monday night)

  • Hsfan said,

    Question who won the 4a metro regular season? Are they Co champions? What is the tie breaker?

  • yo said,

    Grimsley and northwest co champs, northwest owned the tie breaker

  • Andy Durham said,

    Tie Breaker settled with NWG over Grimsley by two points at the HAECO tournament…They were Co-Champions, both at (7-1), but the HAECO game and I think it was 77-75 in favor of Northwest, that settled the split..NWG #1 seed and Grimsley #2…

    Girls had NWG and Ragsdale as Co-Champs, as they also split during the regular season and as in the boy’s case, they let the HAECO game settle the split…Both girls teams at (7-1) and NWG won the HAECO game between the two, and it settled the seeding and gave NWG the #1 seed and Ragsdale, #2…

    And another thought or two, that we were contemplating back on Sunday afternoon:

    Who is named the Player of the Year in the Metro 4-A Conference for boys basketball???

    Friday night I was thinking maybe that Christian Hampton and Dean Reiber from Northwest Guilford could be sharing that award, and now maybe we have to also put Ahmil Flowers, the senior from Grimsley, in the running for that award….

    Not sure who gets it now??? Hampton, Reiber, or Flowers….It is not decided by the public pollsters, the Metro 4-A boys basketball coaches will be the deciding factors on this particular vote…

    Makes for some good discussion though….

    Hampton, Reiber or Flowers and the voters will be Coach Fancourt from Page, Coach Atkinson from Ragsdale, Coach Battle from High Point Central, Coach Corbett from Grimsley, and Coach Reavis from Northwest Guilford….

    They usually do the voting on All-Conference and Players of the Year, the Saturday morning after the regular season ends…That would have put the coaches meeting yesterday/Saturday morning, with the Grimsley-Northwest Guilford boys game still waiting to be finished on yesterday/Saturday afternoon…

    That is what really gets your thinking…

    We will find out I’m sure, soon enough….

    But, until then, it sure leaves us wondering….

    For the Metro Girls, I would say Reagan Kargo, from Northwest Guilford as Player of the Year…

    Then on All-Conference I would go with Nyah Stallings, Diamond Monroe, and Mariah Frazier from Ragsdale, Thalia Carter and Megan Harkey from Northwest Guilford, Reagan Maynard from Page, Destonie Tisdale from Grimsley, and at least one player possibly from High Point Central…The NWG and Ragsdale players on First Team and the others on Second Team….

    Just a few thoughts from a Sunday afternoon….