2020 NCCA East-West All-Star Men’s Soccer Rosters

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The NCCA is pleased to announce the rosters for the 2020 East-West All-Star men’s soccer match to be played July 21 at MacPherson Stadium. The match will feature some of the best recently graduated soccer players from around the state. The rosters are below.


Gabe	Barber	 M	5'9	170	East Bladen	Jay Raynor
Joshua	Bratager M	5'11	160	Heritage	Scott Sloan
Jackson	Burkhart D	5'9	150	Sanderson	Michael Worley
Jaden	Cross	 M	5'7	150	Panther Creek	Chad Sichak
Aleksandros Dako M	5'10	150	Cary	        Laura Kerrigan
Ryan	Doyle	 M	6'	154	Clayton	        John Asmussen
Zachary	Ehmann	 D	6'1	170	Jacksonville	David Miller
Reese	Jahoo	 F	6'1	180	Carrboro	Jared Drexler
Zachary	Jamison	 M	6'2	172	Holly Springs	Jonathan Will
Tripp	Kidd	GK	5'11	200	Swansboro	Doug Kidd
Kalvin Matischak D	6' 2	160	Chapel Hill	Jason Curtis
Evan	McIntyre F	5'10	140	Durham School of the Arts	Amy Green
Sean	Nolan	 F	5'7	135	Cary	        Laura Kerrigan
Hector Reyes-Zavala F	5'8	145	Wallace-Rose Hill	Rodrigo Diaz
Tennyson Wnek	 M	6'4	175	New Hanover	Theodre Rennie
Matthew	Wolf	 GK	6'1	205	Chapel Hill	Jason Curtis
Coach: 	Brad Wicker	Lee County HS


Jose	Almanza	        D	5'9	170	High Point Central	Daniel Villa
Daniel	Anani	        M	5'11	160	Ledford 	        John Blake
Aldair	Anica-Hernandez	F	5'9	150	RJ Reynolds	        Antonio Sabio
Andrew	Brown	        M	5'7	150	West Davidson	        Joseph Patterson
Gerardo	Castillo	GK	5'10	150	Forest Hills	        Michael Gee
Chase	Gilley	        F	6'	154	East Lincoln	        Billy Howell
Logan	Gilley	        F	6'1	170	East Lincoln	        Billy Howell
Silas	Goss	        M	6'1	180	Shelby	                David Steeves
Max	Huber	        M	6'2	172	Northwest Guilford 	Jason Allred
Jon	Joplin	        GK	5'11	200	Newton Conover	        Angelo Palozzi
Adam	Kluge	        M	6' 2	160	AC Reynolds	        Patrick Gladys
Brennan	Lagana	        M	5'10	140	Walter M. Williams 	Jeremy Krist
Jorge	Lemus-Alfaro	F	5'7	135	Walter M. Williams 	Jeremy Krist
Mason	Paschold	D	5'8	145	West Forsyth	        Jeffrey Williams
Luke	Sloan	        D	6'4	175	AC Reynolds	        Patrick Gladys
Carson	Trott	        M	6'1	205	Concord	                Todd Tinsley
Coach:	Jay Niessner	Central Academy of Technology Arts

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