We still need two football coaches for the Guilford County Schools:Southeast Guilford and High Point Central waiting for new football leaders

Posted by Andy Durham on March 18, 2020 at 11:58 am under High School | Comments are off for this article

The new coaches are still waiting to take over the reins at Southeast Guilford and High Point Central high schools…

We need these new head football coaches, and at least parts of their staff in place, if and when we can conduct Spring Football drills in County this year….

Mallard Creek High School went on with their formal introduction of Kennedy Tinsley, as their new football coach earlier this week, so now the Southeast Guilford Falcons can turn their attention toward naming the new SEG head football coach…
(Word is, Coach Tinsley is taking at least part of his coaching staff from Southeast Guilford with him, to Mallard Creek.)

Coach Wayne Jones has been out as the head football coach at High Point Central several months now, and the Bison will need to get busy getting their new man in place, to run the High Point program…

Whoever gets the Southeast Guilford head job, will inherit a starting quarterback and a starting running back, and that is a good way/place to start…Jaylen Fairley, at RB, should be the top returning running back in Guilford County, for the 2020 season…SEG also has senior QB Zion Fleming coming back and he should be ready for a very strong senior season…Southeast also has a young QB on his way up the ladder and that is the Stephens kid, and he should be a sophomore for 2020…..

SEG loses Johnny King, Keith Quick and some other linemen up front, but there should still be enough of the big bodies around to allow Fairley, the room he needs to run and Fleming, the time he needs to throw….

Just one idea that struck me the other day was, “what about former Page coach Jared Rolfes for the Southeast Guilford job”???

The man could use the work and he loves to coach high school football, and I haven’t heard about him taking any jobs since the Page job closed down for him…He could step into a pretty good situation at SEG and hit the ground running, and hit the air passing too….

Get a few good assistant coaches on board with you, and it could be off to the races again, at Southeast Guilford High School…

You are looking for a new a coach, and here is one that is readily available and it saves you from possibly grabbing a coach from a current Guilford County school that might look to move over to SEG, and if you go that route, you are still looking for a new coach at another school…..

There is no deadline for naming the new coaches at Southeast Guilford and High Point Central, but one would think, that the Finish Line might be in sight, when it come to making these new coaching decisions….

We shall see what happens next, but at least we are taking some time to talk about here…..There may be some sort of hiring freeze in Guilford County right now, due to the COVID-19/Cornavirus issues, but that is not something we are privy to here…

If you have any news on either front, now is the time to share, because that is all we have right now, time and space…Let’s see your face/name in the place….

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