David Glenn located/found Tonight on PrimeTime in the ACC, with Dave Nathan

Posted by Andy Durham on March 25, 2020 at 9:42 pm under Amateur, College, Professional | Comments are off for this article

The David Glenn Show, from Noon till 3pm on the North Carolina Sports Network is gone, but David Glenn was found tonight/Wednesday March 25, on the PrimeTime in the ACC radio show, hosted by Dave Nathan….

The show with Dave Nathan, and tonight, his guest was David Glenn, runs on Wednesday nights from 7-8pm, and I caught the show, while radio surfing/channel changing on my car radio, and I found PrimeTime in the ACC, on 94.5 FM…

WPTI/94.5 FM and there was David Glenn tonight, being interviewed by Dave Nathan, on PrimeTime in the ACC…

Dave Nathan, talking to Dave/David Glenn, about Dave Glenn being named North Carolina Sportscaster of the Year for 2019….

David Glenn gets named Sportscaster of the Year for 2019 and then just a few weeks later, he gets fired from his radio show…How crazy is that???

But, there he was tonight, right back in the fold, Dave Glenn, talking to Dave Nathan, on PrimeTime in the ACC….

The show is not very well promoted…If I wasn’t surfing the radio channels on my car radio, I never would have found/heard that show….

But there you go, David Glenn was back on the radio tonight/Wednesday night….Following David Glenn, Dave Nathan had Ed Hardin, from the Greensboro News and Record and John Forslund, play-by-play man for the Carolina Hurricanes, lined up as his next guests on tonight’s PrimeTime in the ACC radio show…..

Ed Hardin, the 2019 Sportswriter of the Year for the state of North Carolina and John Forslund, the Co-Sportscaster of the Year, for the state of North Carolina in 2019, sharing the award with David Glenn…

We get results…If you are looking for somebody in the sports world, we can, and we will find them…

Found them tonight, on PrimeTime in the ACC….

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