Jacob Sheffield has been named as the new Head Football Coach at High Point Central High School:Update on all of the High School Football Coaches in Guilford County

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Coach Jacob Sheffield is the new head football coach at High Point Central High School…He is a former Trinity High School student and a graduate of Appalachian State University…Coach Sheffield will be teaching weightlifting and coaching football at High Point Central High School….Coach Sheffield is a former assistant football coach from Page High School…..

The announcement of Coach Jacob Sheffield coming to High Point Central from Twitter:
Bison Nation! We are very excited to announce Jacob Sheffield as the new Head Football coach here at HPC! Coach Sheffield comes to us from Page HS. Here is a link to his introduction video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0DVvb5cN_eg&feature=youtube

Former HP Central head football coach Wayne Jones is now working down in Georgia…..

Hit that YouTube video, it already has over 320 hits….

++++++++++Here is a look at all of the Guilford County high school football coaches going into the 2020 Season, now with updated numbers, as go toward the new 2020 year/season….++++++++++

***************High School Football Coaches in Guilford County***************

Steven Davis(Dudley High School)….Going into his 17th year in 2020 and the Panthers’ coach Steven Davis now at (179-44) overall…

Wayne Jones(High Point Central HS)…Coach Wayne Jones was at High Point Central for 13 years and finished at (75-81) overall…New head football coach at High Point Central is Jacob Sheffield….

Darryl Brown(Grimsley HS)…Coach Brown entering his 5th year at Grimsley HS in 2020, and now at (27-22) overall….

Erik Westberg(Northern Guilford HS)…Coach Westberg will begin his 5th year as the NG Nighthawks head football coach in 2020, and now at (26-23) overall….

Brandon Wiggins(Smith HS)…Coached Wiggins finished at (12-34), in his four seasons as the head coach at Smith High School…Marcello Royal is the new head football coach at Ben L. Smith High School…..

Kennedy Tinsley(Southeast Guilford HS)…Tinsley coached SEG three years and left with a record of (32-9)…SEG Falcons still looking for a new head football coach….

Jared Rolfes(Page HS)…Coach Rolfes finished his three years at Page with an overall record of (20-17)…New head football coach at Page HS, Doug Robertson

Johnny Boykin(Ragsdale HS)…Coach Boykin going into his 4th year at Ragsdale in 2020, and now sits at (20-17) overall…

Earl Bates(Northeast Guilford HS)…Coach Bates entering his 4th year at NEG in 2020 and now at (23-14) overall…

Kevin Wallace(Northwest Guilford HS)….Coach Wallace going into his 4th year in 2020, and now at (11-23) overall…

Bear Bradley(Southern Guilford HS)…Going into his 4th year in 2020, Coach Bradley now at (10-23) overall….

Brian Terwilliger(Western Guilford HS)…Coach Terwilliger going into his 3rd season in 2020, and now at (6-16) overall…

Chuck Doak(Southwest Guilford HS)….Coach Doak headed into his second season at Southwest Guilford and (6-6) overall….

Tony Aguilar(Eastern Guilford HS)…Coach Aguilar going into is second season at Eastern Guilford HS and at (6-6) overall..

Mitchell Jenkins(High Point Andrews HS)…Coach Jenkins going into his second year at High Point Andrews and at
(6-5) overall….

*****Scott Bell(High Point Christian Academy)…For Coach Bell 6 years at HPCA and (54-15) overall….MaxPreps says new football coach at High Point Christian is Andy Oats…Not totally sure about that, but that is what they have listed…*****

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