Today’s Update on the Wake Forest Basketball Job Search:Coaches seen on Campus, others are on the Radar(Pat Kelsey on the Tuesday Menu)

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Wake Forest University is looking for a new men’s head basketball coach…As we get info, we will try and give you some daily updates, on how this job search is going/progressing…

We were reporting here Saturday that we felt like John Beilein might be a candidate, and we have learned that today/Monday, Beilein was seen on the Wake Forest campus and he was seen standing six feet away from one of the main buildings…Beilein has a strong NCAA college basketball pedigree, and he just finished a short stint coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers, of the NBA….

But have been hearing from many of the media types, both from print and radio, that Beilein is not a candidate at all, for this Wake Forest men’s basketball job…

Very interesting…There might be a smokescreen being laid out…Most of the radio shows were saying he(Beilein) was not a candidate…This will get interesting…

Ryan Odom(UMBC) and Mark Prosser(Western Carolina University) names have been tossed around some and Wes Miller(UNCG) has getting a lot of attention for this job…One radio guy even dropped in Lavell Moton, from North Carolina Central, into the conversation….

Odom and Prosser both have strong pedigrees, since their dads both were very successful basketball coaches, for the WFU Demon Deacons…Dave Odom and Skip Prosser were the names that roamed the Wake sidelines, and they both were able to lead Wake Forest toward the upper echelon, of the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball standings…

Wes Miller’s dad also has strong ties to the programs at Wake Forest University…A very solid Wake financial contributor and the Miller name is very influential in the Wake Forest circles…Wes Miller(UNC/UNCG) made his name on his own, but it never hurts to have some sort of standing, at the place you might want to call home….

My line of thinking always had Wes Miller being the man to replace Roy Williams, when Coach Williams steps down at UNC, but I guess you could make a lateral move and see Wes Miller go from Wake Forest, to UNC…If you want to go someplace bad enough, you are going to go…

Back in the day, Bill Dooley did it in football, going from UNC/North Carolina to Virginia Tech and then after VA Tech, he came to Wake Forest…Nothing in there on the Coaching Carousel, is out of the realm of possibility…..

We will keep one eye and at least one ear open, as this Wake Forest University men’s basketball coaching search continues….

It will get interesting……….

(Hearing overload now on Pat Kelsey, the head coach at Winthrop coming to Wake Forest and the daily experts are putting their money on Pat Kelsey, to be the next men’s head basketball coach at Wake Forest University….Kelsey previously was an assistant under Skip Prosser and Dino Gaudio during their head coaching reigns, at Wake Forest…So Pat Kelsey watch is under way at Wake.)

++++++++++So many trying to dispel the John Beilein candidacy and those who should know are saying, John Beilein would not want to come to tiny Wake Forest and go through a re-build…I would say “why not”??? Wake Forest is part of the best college basketball league in the history of college basketball, The ACC/Atlantic Coast Conference….Who would not want to come coach in the mecca of college basketball, The ACC…John Beilein would be at one of the schools that make up the “The Big Four”…Facing North Carolina, Duke, N.C. State, it will never get any better than that…Why not John Beilein, or any other coach that would be stepping into the ACC??? This is the place you want to be….++++++++++
(JB to the ACC, is Pat Kelsey now the #1 choice? I would take Beiline over Kelsey in a heartbeat.)

Jordan Stowe, Wake Forest researcher and reporter for, contributed to this post/article….

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