NCHSAA/North Carolina High School Athletic Association Extends the Dead Period Until June 15:Word from the NCHSAA Today

Posted by Andy Durham on May 26, 2020 at 11:51 am under High School | Comments are off for this article

Some of the thoughts from the NCHSAA Today:
The NCHSAA says all high school sports are now in Phase I of recovery, which is a Dead Period…

The NCHSAA hopes to have all sports up and working again, on June 15 and that would a workout time for the upcoming Fall Sports and would include no contact, but primarily conditioning…June 15 moving forward would hopefully be the start of Phase II to return to high school sports in North Carolina….

The NCHSAA feels like there needs to be a vaccine for the Coronavirus/COVID-19, before the schools can return to having games on a regular basis…The NCHSAA will continue to follow the lead of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and our state Director of Health, Mandy Cohen, and lean on their direction, in the return to the high school sports plan….

The NCHSAA does not want to move any of the sports seasons, moving forward…They want to have football season, during football season and they know how important it will be to have fans in the stands at the high school football games, for the overall athletic programs to be successful…**********Moving seasons would be a Last Resort…**********

The NCHSAA hopes to be able to help the high schools financially going into the new school year, based on how much funding is available…

The NCHSAA stressed that the COVID-19 vaccine is very important, as the high schools look to return to somewhat normalcy, and that sanitation is a key, with constant Social Distancing, Hand Washing and overall sanitizing…

from earlier today…..
Word coming in today, that a vote was taken last night, and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association has extended the current dead period for high school athletics, until June 15…

The NCHSAA will be meeting with the Guilford County Athletic Directors on Wednesday….

The NCHSAA has a press conference set for 4pm today to discuss and outline more of the upcoming plans, for the return of high school sports/athletics….

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