311 Speedway Owner Selling “Bubba Rope” on Facebook and encouraging fans to bring Confederate Flags and wave them at his Speedway on Saturday Night

Posted by Andy Durham on June 25, 2020 at 4:47 pm under Photos, Professional | 10 Comments to Read

Mike Fulp, one of the owners of the 311 Motor Speedway in Madison, N.C., and also known as “The Daytona of Dirt”, has been advertising and selling “Bubba Rope” on his Facebook page…

The rope which symbolizes the noose that was found in Bubba Wallace’ NASCAR garage area earlier this week, has been promoted as For Sale, on Mike Fulp’s Facebook page and he has also encouraged 311 Motor Speedway racing fans to bring Confederate Flags to the races at 311 Motor Speedway this Saturday night, and wave them proudly…

Fulp has gone way out-of-bounds in his most recent actions and you have to read this, and then process it for yourself…It is a very bad statement on Fulp, and they way he sees the current racial divisions in our country/state, and it shows Fulp is way out-of-line in his thinking and his actions, and he is leading the way to a further “Racial Divide”….

CLICK HERE for the article and again, you have to read and process this for yourself, but it really does put things in reverse, when it come to improving race relations…..

(Article Click On is from the News and Record, Rockingham County Now bureau.)

  • C said,

    This hurts to read. Sadly, there will probably be many out saturday waiving their flags and donning their new ropes. It would be great if the track couldn’t continue to operate because people refuse to attend a track where such divisive and hateful behavior is tolerated.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Agreed, very upsetting to read and it hurts to see and read the comments of the 311 Speedway part-owner Mike Fulp…

    Total insensitivity and seems to border right there on hatred and the idea this being a hate-crime was mentioned in the post…

  • Andy Durham said,

    A spokesman for North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper condemned Fulp’s remarks.

    “This incident of racism is horrific and shameful,” said Ford Porter, the governor’s deputy communications director. “North Carolina is better than this.”

  • Marshall Brown said,

    This is very sad, however if you have ever attended a race there, it isn’t all that shocking.

  • Robert Burgen said,

    Sick, stupid, and ignorant individual.

  • LGF said,

    I think a lot of people are tired of being classified as “haters” just because they’re white. I’m white, never have been and never will be racist. But all I hear anymore is how everybody is divided by color. I stand with you about the bad police and understand your feelings toward the police who are treating you any way they want to just because they have a badge. But we need to see this for what it is. There are people who want us to hate each other and to tear this nation (& all nations) apart. And they will say or do whatever they need to keep the hate going. Right now, their plan is working. I hope we can all learn to care for people, not because we’re expected to but because we have love in our heart for our fellowman, whether they’re white or black or any other color.

  • Andy Durham said,

    There is too much division and divisiveness in our nation…We need to find some way to come together and lift each other up, and as it is with most tough goals, all of this is easier said than done…

    It takes work, but the work is worth the reward…

    People can come together and share/show respect for each other….

  • ferddo said,

    311 Speedway has suffered greatly from poor promoters and owners for a long time now. Fulp appears hell bent to make sure he destroys it. Sad, used to be my favorite track and used to host great racing. Now it appears unsafe to go there, due to the hate that Fulp keeps riling up.

  • Johnny Dollars said,

    I’m just surprised the rope didn’t have “MAGA” stitched or burned in it.

  • Andy Durham said,

    If this part doesn’t make you mad/upset, then nothing will…This really takes the cake here…

    In one Facebook post Mike Fulp writes: “We’ve really been bad people. I think we should give them a bucket of Kentucky Fried chicken, 2 watermelons and a plane ride back to Africa.”