The Morning Run”When The Going Gets Tough”(The Tough Get Going)

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We are always looking for a catchy theme for our Friday morning runs, and this week we came up with a good one, or at least I think we did…

Tough week, with all of the humidity and social unrest across the rest of the weekly landscape, and how do we handle those tough runs in almost unbearable conditions, in regards to the humidity and national division???

We’ll the plan is to just try and follow the directions and head to the Ocean….Billy Ocean, and he has the plan…Billy Ocean says, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”, and he has a song to prove it…

Here will go with our lead-in tune for this week’s program, and it is from Billy Ocean, and it is another good one, and it hits our theme for this week, right on the money…

Hit it Herman, or maybe we should say, Hit it Billy…“When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”…..
Click On Below, for Billy Ocean and the video show….(Good Stuff)

Another question that we must throw out at you, is this one…The bottom line is with all of the humidity and all of the problems we have seen across the homeland, we have to ask this one, “Are You Tough Enough?”…..The Fabulous Thunderbirds have turned this question into a song/tune…It is called Tuff Enough….

The Fabulous Thunderbirds bring us Tuff Enough today….Got to be Tuff Enough….
Click On..

Some might be thinking, “why is he trying to push us to be tough, and he’s trying to make us go to war, and battle all of the consequences, and we don’t have to do this, this My Life, and I will do what I want to”…..This is true to a certain degree…We are just trying to show you a possible way to get through all of the mess…But, in the end it is your life, and when you respond this is “My Life”, you have a right to do so…

Billy Joel is with you and he even wrote a song in your support…Here it is for this Friday, “My Life”, by Billy Joel.

Click On Below, and you are on with the Billy Joel Video Show…..

So it is your life, and what do you do, when you life starts turning out just like a country song???

Time to do some investigating and see where this country song might be coming in from…

Found it, and here it is….From Billy Ray Cyrus, we have, “My Life Is Turning Out Just Like A Country Song”…This song from the movie with the same title….

Click On for Billy Ray Cyrus and, “My Life Is Turning Out Just Like A Country Song”…..

Our spiritual tune/song for this week keeps us going straight forward, because we know who holds tomorrow, and we know who holds our hand, so we can get through the humidity and the mugginess, and we can overcome the racial divide, since we know who holds tomorrow…

The Isaacs have this special Friday Morning Run song for us….“I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”, and I Know Who Holds My Hand…..

Just an excellent way to close out today’s program with, Many things about tomorrow, I don’t know or understand, but I Know About Tomorrow, ’cause I Know Who Holds My Hand
Click Here for the Isaacs…

***********Do have a good week, and keep it here with us, on The Morning Run.***********

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