Good Games running now at GreensboroSports Radio:Northwest at Grimsley and then the next day, Grimsley vs. Northwest at Dudley High School(Do you remember the game with the Shattered Backboard/Christian Hampton Dunk?)

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Hey brothers and sisters, your old friend Andy with you here tonight sending you over to GreensboroSports Radio….I was out there this afternoon, kicking that soccer ball and catching that football in the 90 degree heat for about 3 hours, and why?

I guess it’s sort of like primeval man…You begin a routine when you are young, and you just continue that same routine as you get older…Start playing ball when you are a kid, and you look up about 50 years later, and you are still doing the same thing…

Catching and kicking that ball….

And I tell that part of the story, to get to this part of the story….

Back on Friday night February 14 of this year, we had Northwest Guilford at Grimsley in high school basketball action for the girls and the boys….For the NWG girls we had those seniors Reagan Kargo, Megan Harkey, Thalia Carter and Hannah Baker…Grimsley did all that they could with Destoine Tisdale leading the Whirlies…

It was all NWG in the girls game that night, and in the boys game that followed, Christian Hampton threw down a dunk that shattered the backboard on the West end of the Grimsley Whirlies’ Bob Sawyer Gymnasium…

The throw-down by Hampton changed the course of the game, and it came on the very last play of the first half, so with the backboard broken/shattered, we had to move the game over to James B. Dudley High School, for the Saturday afternoon finish….Grimsely won the game by right around 19 points, and I think the final was Grimsley 79, Northwest Guilford 60….

That was a night that will long be remembered in Guilford County high school sports, and high school basketball history…

Go back and check it out now at GreensboroSports Radio…The game is on now. and you can relive the excitement of that Friday night, and then the Saturday night finish….

Just go to GreensboroSports Radio, and you are right back there at the Bob Sawyer Gym, on Friday night, February 14, 2020…

Christian Hampton(NWG) is getting ready to break that backboard, so tune in now to GreensboroSports Radio…If you miss it, we will have these games up here for you, for the next couple of days….

Go to GreensboroSports Radio now…Lots of player and coaches interviews, at the end of the games….GreensboroSports Radio
(The title on the page will show SEG girls basketball and Farm Bureau Insurance Baseball, but Grimsley and Northwest Guilford HS are playing basketball now, on GreensboroSports Radio.)

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