The Morning Run:Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Posted by Andy Durham on July 24, 2020 at 9:19 am under Amateur, Professional, Video | Comments are off for this article

The Morning Run, started out as a ‘morning walk’ this morning, as I was forced to start out slow and then kick that walk into a nice slow trot, and then on to a jog…

Got stuck inside for my running today, and had to improvise….You got to keep going, even if the rain outside, forces you to set up shop inside…

And that was the game for today….Game Plan, get some running in and make something happen…And that is what I did…

Run inside and keep it going…

So, with all of that being said, let’s get into our theme for today’s “Morning Run”…..

For the Friday morning feature of the week, “The Morning Run”, we ask the question this week, “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”…..

You run down the road, or the street for that matter, and you don’t see the flowers any more. At least I haven’t seen them out there that much any more….

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? We have Peter, Paul and Mary in here today, and they can tell you. Just CLICK ON BELOW and you can get their show, and it is a good one, and they will answer our question of the day….“Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” We are about to find out….

If we can’t find the flowers out by the road or street, then we need somebody to bring us some flowers, but the problem here is, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore”….Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond are the only two people I could find this morning to break down this dilemma…Babs and Neil are ready to deal, and here they go, on this video show, with “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore”…Click On Below, and here we go..

We carry on with this theme of the day for our Morning Run, and let’s run out to Texas and bring in “The Yellow Rose of Texas”…..
Lane Brody and Johnny Lee, bring us today, “The Yellow Rose of Texas”…You will love this bright and enriching smooth country tune….
Click On Below for Johnny and Lane, and you will get a FREE trip to Texas and you can visit The Yellow Rose….

Next up today, we have Jim Stafford and his mind-enhancing tune called Wildwood Flower, or Wildwood Weed…Jim Stafford says, Wildwood Flower grew wild on the farm, and we never knew where it came from….Jim has this one all lined up for us, and here it tis….
Be Sure to CLICK ON BELOW, and you won’t be able to let go….Here is the video show…

For our spiritual song of the week, we turn to Greater Vision and they give us a greater vision of what “The Lilly of the Valley” looks like and where we can find “The Lilly of the Valley”….
Excellent spiritual tune/song for this week and what better way to finish up and close out, The Morning Run for this Friday
Click On…

We asked the question in the beginning of our show, “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”…Well, we have found The Lilly of the Valley, The Yellow Rose of Texas, and the Wildwood Flower…Not too bad for a Friday Morning Run….

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