The Morning Run: “I’m Winning, I’m Winning, and I do intend on Losing Again”!!!

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Today’s theme is I’m Winning, and I Do Intend on Losing Again….

Let’s go ahead and kick in the theme song to get today’s show rolling, on this Friday morning.

Here it is, “I’m Winning”, from Santana….Good stuff to get kick off today’s The Morning Run Show…Just Click On Below, and you are ready to go, with the key video…

Now we talk about Winning, and we don’t intend on losing again…But, as it stands, I am Winning and I want to keep on losing..

Losing some more weight that is…This has been the Summer to drop off the pounds…This Summer has been like going to wrestling practice, seven days a week….Has been like football practice in August back in the 1970’s when you wore that thin T-shirt under your shoulder pads, and you could wring a bucket of sweat out of your shirt, at the end of practice each day….The same could be said for the end of wrestling practice most days, you could squeeze a bucket of sweat out of your shirt, when your day/practice was done…

That is how it has been all Summer long, here in 2020…The “Summer of Sweat”, the “Summer of Humidity”

But, it has been working for me….

Here is my chart, that I have kept in my mental storehouse…..Age 14, weighed 150 pounds…..Age 15, weighed 175 pounds….Age 16, weighed 170 pounds….Age 17, weighed 198 pounds….(Fell behind a few pounds in growth, going from 15 to 16 years old, due to wrestling workouts)….

But, the even bigger, but yet smaller news is, August 6, 2020:165 pounds…The “Summer of Sweat” is sure working…Weighing the same thing now/today, that I did back when I was 16 years old…

The Morning Run workouts are working….I am Winning, but I do intend on Losing again…Losing a few more pounds that is…

Now wouldn’t it be nice though, to have a big piece of that “American Pie” this morning, right after The Morning Run….
Don McLean is slicing it off for us this morning, and we sure liked mom’s Apple Cobbler, Cherry Cobber, Peach Cobbler, and her Blackberry Cobblers back in the day, but a piece of American Pie, from Don McLean, will serve us fine this Friday morning, on The Morning Run….

Once you become The Winner, it is pretty darn tough staying as “The Winner”Bobby Bare can testify to this fact, and here is his song, “The Winner”, to prove this point….This rings out as sort of a nice country tune, and the lyrics will have you laughing, I guarantee it, and that makes you, “The Winner”….Be sure to give this one a listen, when you CLICK ON below, for the video…

In our spiritual song of the week, Lynda Randle takes us there with her tune of total inspiration, “God on the Mountain”…Lynda says, the God on the Mountain, is still the God in the Valley, and sometimes life seems easy, when we are up on that Mountain…But, we have to live on the Mountain, and in the Valley…Lynda has it all laid out for us, and our God on the Mountain, will see us through….
Click Now, and you are headed to that Mountain….

Our last song for the day has some very deep meaning, and we take you up to Canada, back in the last century, for a group called The Belles, and their soft rock tune called, Stay Awhile…This one almost makes you cry, as they softly lay out the lyrics….You want to cry, and then you want to smile, and then you want to “Stay Awhile”….Nicely done by The Belles…This tune takes us home today…So soft, and so pleasant, you will want to hear it again, and again…
Click On Here, to hear it NOW!!!!!

Time for us to get out of here, and close out the show for this week…The Morning Run, runs on Fridays, at and we will see you again next week…A creation of Andy Durham Productions, and All Rights Reserved, August 7, 2020…..

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