The Morning Run:”Hitching A Ride/Look at all those Cars”

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The Morning Run is back again for this Friday morning, and today we are looking to “Hitch a ride, and look at all the cars”

Many a car on the road this morning and sometimes you get tired out there, running in the mornings, in all of this crazy 2020 humidity, and you feel like, “Hitching A Ride”

I have been headed right down those city streets and country roads, with over the past 42 years of running, and there have been times when you might need a ride, to save you from your run, and that is when you might need to start “Hitching A Ride”…Here’s Vanity Fare, with their song, and part of our theme for today, “Hitchin’ A Ride”….CLICK ON BELOW for the video/audio, and here we go…
(Your thumb goes up, the cars go by, “Hitchin’ A Ride”

You start to see All Kinds of cars out there on the road in the morning, while running, and the traffic is always coming your way…Here comes a “Little Red Corvette”…Prince is driving and I hope he doesn’t hit me…Prince, and “Little Red Corvette”…It’s Friday morning, and there’s one coming our way….Click On Below…

Those cars just keep on coming, as you are heading/running down the highway on this Friday morning…Look at that, here comes Natalie Cole, in a “Pink Cadillac”…You’ll like this one, “Pink Cadillac”, one great tune, from Natalie Cole…Click On Below, for the video show…

All those different cars out there on the road this morning, and what about a Ford…Jerry Reed has us ready with his tune, “Lord Mr. Ford”…..Lord Mr. Ford, what have you done? This is almost like an educational video, and I think you are going to love it, when you CLICK ON BELOW…Check it out…This one has some added features….

So, we just saw a Ford coming down the street, and now here comes a “Chevy Van”Sammy Johns and his song, “Chevy Van”…A good one, from back in the past, and a Chevy Van just passed me this morning…Click On Below, and get in the right lane…

If I am going to catch a ride, I will catch that ride with Private Andrew Malone…Another good one, “Riding With Private Malone”, from David Ball…And we are going to be riding in a 1966 red Corvette, when you Click On Below…This is going to be one of your best rides of the day, when you are “Riding With Private Malone”

Our spiritual song of the week fits the season, as we bring you, “Dropkick Me Jesus Thorough The Goalposts Of Life”…Bobby Bare is right there, and the kick is going straight through…It’s, “Dropkick Me Jesus Thorough The Goalposts Of Life”…CLICK ON BELOW, and Bobby Bare will take you there….

And a bonus gospel tune for you today….“If It Keeps Getting Better and Better”…From the Gaither Homecoming Videos, this is a good way to close out our week, and our show for today…“If It Keeps Getting Better and Better Oh Lord, I Don’t Know What I Am Going To Do”…A good and strong close today….

**********That’s it for this week…Thanks for tuning in again, and keep on spreading the word…We are running and then we come back in here, and share the ‘tales of the road’, with you…You gotta love it…Six miles on the road, and I gotta make it home again…Home we are, safe and sound, and ready to spread the good word around…We will do it right here again next week, see you then….**********

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