Tommy Adams and Right Touch Interiors present, “The Morning Run”:I a took Wrong Turn and I just kept going on, “The Morning Run”

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“The Morning Run” on this Friday, brought to us by Tommy Adams and Right Touch Interiors…Be sure to see and Click On/Review their ad, here at the website…

For “The Morning Run”, here on this Friday, it was all about “I took a Wrong Turn and I just kept going, on “The Morning Run”

That is the old song that we were thinking about this week, on “The Morning Run”….

Got a wife and kids in Baltimore Jack, I went out for ride and I never went back…Like a river that don’t know where it’s flowing, “I took a Wrong Turn and I just kept going”….Everybody has a “Hungry Heart, Everybody has a Hungry Heart”….

That is the crux of it right there…Bruce Springsteen, with his tune, “Hungry Heart”, which features that key line, “I took a Wrong Turn and I just kept going”….
CLICK ON BELOW for the video show…..Bruce Springsteen and his famous line, “I took a Wrong Turn and I just kept going”….

That’s a good start, with the “Hungry Heart”…Next up we have Toby Keith, and he is making a List this morning….”Under an old brass paperweight, my List of things to do today…Not a bad idea, and we can make out that list in our minds, while we are out on, “The Morning Run”…..

Here it is, Toby Keith, and “My List”….Do you have your list of things to do today made out yet??? Toby Keith, with “My List”, or his list, and be sure to Click On Below…

If we want to get moving fast on “The Morning Run”, we have have to step it on up to “Electric Avenue”…It got me thinking about the old “Electric Avenue” song when I was passing near by Kathleen Avenue, up at the Friendly Shopping Center this morning, on “The Morning Run”…..It’s time to rock on to “Electric Avenue” and then it will take you higher….Eddy Grant, and “Electric Avenue” and he here you go, with Eddy Grant and the video show, when you Click On Below…

This next song might just blow you away with its creativity, but don’t lose track of the lyrics…When you are running down the road, on a hot and humid Friday morning, this song will get you up another tough hill…Just start repeating those rhymes in your mind, and throughout your head, and you will make it up that next big hill…

Jimmy Castor and The Jimmy Castor Bunch, with the “Bertha Butt Boogie”…I got this song/tune in my head back when I was around 16-17 years old, and I could never get the song out of my head…”When Bertha did her goodie, they started calling it, “The Bertha Butt Boogie”…The rhymes give you a reason to keep on going, to keep on running, on “The Morning Run”

Jimmy Castor and The Jimmy Castor Bunch, with the “Bertha Butt Boogie”…CLICK ON BELOW, for Jimmy and the video show…

Our going away song today on “The Morning Run” is “Here He Comes”…We are going out, but he is coming in…Here comes the Lord, to share the word, and to give us our spiritual song/tune of the week, and it is, “Here He Comes”, from Joseph Habedank…I will be giving you some names on this “Morning Run” that you have never even heard of, but that is one of the best parts of our ‘journey’, learning, seeing and hearing new things….

Here He Comes, and here it is and you have it, from Joseph Habedank….Click On Below, and there you have it, it is your video show, from Joe/Joseph Habedank….”Here He Comes”

That is about it for our show for today…Let’s put the breaks on another “Morning Run”…Thanks for tuning in and be sure to spread the word, and begin to bring others in to “The Morning Run”…..Thanks to our sponsors, Tommy Adams and Right Touch Interiors….We thank them and we thank you, for being a big part of, “The Morning Run”….We will see you right here again, next week….Until then, take care and we will talk to you soon…..

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