Brought to you again this week by Tommy Adams and Right Touch Interiors we have ‘The Morning Run’:”By The Time I Get To Phoenix”

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**********”The Morning Run, brought to you again this week by Tommy Adams, and Right Touch Interiors/Right Touch Flooring…Be sure to see their ad, on the right side panel, here at the site.**********

Back on “The Morning Run”, and it’s not too much fun, on The Morning Run, when you are stuck inside, due to the morning rain…Raining this morning, and The Morning Run goes inside for a Friday…

If I can keep up this running/walking, pretty soon I will have run enough miles to get me to Phoenix, Arizona and back..

Glen Campbell has this morning’s theme song, and it is entitled, “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”….A great Glen Campbell tune, from many years ago, and here it goes, to lead us off and running this morning….

Click On Below, for the video show, with Glen Campbell, and be sure to check out Glen’s guitar, it is a BIG one…

Glen Campbell is “The Man” this morning, on our Morning Run, and we are not done with Glen yet….Next up we have Glen Campbell, singing his Jimmy Webb song, Wichita Lineman…I am a lineman for the county, and I drive the main roads….And I run the main roads, and I used to be a Western Guilford lineman many years ago, so here goes Glen again, this time with, “The Wichita Lineman”

Click On Below for the video show…

We are not done with Glen, here he comes again…”It’s knowing that your door is open and your path is free to walk, that keeps you in the back roads of my memory, that keeps you ever Gentle On My Mind….Gentle On My Mind…That was the theme from Glen Campbell’s Goodtime Hour on CBS TV back in the day…I have been down the back roads running on many a morning, and Glen Campbell, with another one of his special guitars, takes back down that back road this morning…

Click On Below for a special video show with some several Nashville and country music legends, joining Glen Campbell on the main stage…“Gentle On My Mind”…..

Glen is at it again, here he is up next with one of his best-known songs, Rhinestone Cowboy…Out there on the Morning Run trail, I have often felt like I was one of those Asphalt Cowboys…But Glen Campbell has it all laid out right, as he takes right there into his world, as a “Rhinestone Cowboy”

CLICK ON BELOW for this video show….

For all intents and purposes, Glen Campbell was just a Country Boy…Deep down, we are all probably just a big bunch of country boys and girls…Glen tells us all about it, with his tune, Country Boy….Country Boy, you’ve got your feet in LA, but you mind’s on Tennessee…Country Boy, take a look at everything, you own, and now and then your mind keeps going HOME….

Click On Below, for the Glen Campbell video show, and this time it is, “Country Boy”….

For our final Glen Campbell tune today, we have our Spiritual Selection of the day….Glen shows us he’s multi-talented on this next Morning Run video, as he sings “Amazing Grace”, while also playing the bagpipes…Have never seen, nor heard anything quite like this before…I do feel we have struck a pot of gold with this performance, and please check it out when you CLICK ON BELOW….

Glen Campbell, singing “Amazing Grace”, while playing the bagpipes…A true gem, here this morning, on The Morning Run..

Time for us to get out of here for this morning and time to put another bow on the Morning Run video show….How do we break out of here this morning, and begin to get ready for next week’s show??? We need a Chain Breaker, and we’ve been running the same old roads for miles, and miles…We need a Chain Breaker to help us break away today, so we can do our due diligence, and get prepared for next Friday…What can lift us up and lead us out???

Chain Breaker, for the Gaither Vocal Band…This is a strong way to close out today’s program….Here it is, and you will like this form of gospel biz….Click On Below for the video show, and we have to go, but you know, if all goes well, we will be right back in here again, next Friday morning…

We say goodbye to Glen, and we will do it all again next Friday morning, on The Morning Run…See you then and until then, CLICK ON BELOW, for real good closing video show…

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