Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay(High Point Andrews HS) now a coach with the N.C. State Wolfpack, tells his players, “We need to prepare Sunday through Friday for the Heels”!!!

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Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay, is the nickles coach for the N.C. State Wolfpack, and as Aughtry-Lindsay prepares his N.C. State defensive players for their game this upcoming Saturday vs. the North Carolina Tar Heels, here are some of the things Aughtry-Lindsay is telling his Pack players, prior to the 12 Noon game against Carolina, in Chapel Hill on Saturday, in Kenan Stadium…

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Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay(High Point Andrews High School) played linebacker for the N.C. Wolfpack from 2001-2004 and went 2-2 against the North Carolina Tar Heels during his time in Raleigh, but he says that record should be 3-1. Of course, he was referring to the game in Chapel Hill in 2004.

“The infamous game where T.A. McClendon actually scored,” as Aughtry-Lindsay put it.

It was his senior year and the game still sticks with him, something he hasn’t been afraid to tell his players about this week in practice.

“You can’t change the outcome. Our guys, we talked on Sunday and we talked yesterday about this week. Obviously, me being a former player and having the chance to come back and coach in a game that I actually played in, being in that it’s a huge rivalry.

“The thing that I told the guys this week is, ‘Let’s prepare like we would every week, let’s have a championship mindset in everything that we do. Let’s make sure that we’re precise in how we study film.’ Things that I ask them to do every week. So don’t let the emotion happen on Tuesday, happen on Monday.

“Let’s build that up. Let’s do everything we’re supposed to do right now, Sunday through Friday. When we get to that game, it’s going to mean a little bit more. It does. But in how we prepare and how we get ready for that game, it shouldn’t be any different.”

Aughtry-Lindsay was once the victim of a random act of violence from a gunshot as a bystander at a gas station. It came up during his radio show appearance and it’s another life experience of his that he has used to help teach his players.

“I’m here to help them make the right decisions and help them, not have to go through things that I’ve gone through and that I’ve seen some of my teammates go through. And just to help them grow as young men and make the right decisions.

“The biggest thing that I tell those guys is what Chuck [Amato] always used to tell us, ‘Nothing good happens after 12 o’clock.’ That’s true. To sum it up and to make it simple and that was it.”

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