Van Denton(FOX 8 Weather) responds to Tornado/Storm cutting into the Carolina Panthers’ football game on Thursday night

Posted by Press Release on October 30, 2020 at 9:03 am under Professional | 2 Comments to Read

Van Denton(FOX 8 Weather)…..

For those upset by the cut-in during the Football game for a Tornado Warning in Guilford, Alamance, Rockingham and Caswell Counties, I am sorry we had to do that and interrupt your view of the game. We did keep a slit(split) screen up at the same time. It was our best option.

I totally understand and respect your position. The last thing I want to deal with or do is break into a program so important. At the same time, we are required to break into programming.

It is a Catch 22. Even management was involved because we knew it was a situation that would upset many. Either way we would go, it would make many unhappy.

I read all the nasty and profane messages and responded to each over the past few hours. Still, we have a responsibility to cover severe weather, especially Tornado Warnings.

Fortunately, at 1:50am, it appears the severe weather threat is winding down and I am now ready to head home. Sleep well everyone.

  • Really? said,

    Watching a crappy Panthers team is more important than you or your neighbors’ safety with tornadoes in the area?

    What a bunch of whiny little bitches! Probably the same people who said they’d never watch the NFL again because players were kneeling during the anthem now complaining that they can’t watch their NFL game.

  • Surprise said,

    Does it really surprise you? I mean we are talking about a nation that has millions of people who refuse to wear a mask to protect their neighbor. It is ridiculous and embarrassing how selfish we have become.