The Morning Run:Military Week and we again have our “Top Ten”!!!!!

Posted by Andy Durham on November 13, 2020 at 11:15 am under Amateur, Audio, Photos, Professional, Video | Comments are off for this article

Running down the road/street this morning and thinking about the Military, since we just celebrated Veterans Day this week…

It is also Friday the 13th, and I was also thinking about the ladders, black cats, and broken mirrors, as I ran down the road/street and through the wet leaves this morning…

On the subject of the Military, we should honor them with a Top Ten, and here it is/comes…On The Morning Run….

Top Ten Military
4)Air Force
5)Coast Guard
6)Special Ops
7)Navy Seals
Honorable Mention:TSA

Here we go next, as we bring in some of our Military Tunes…On The Morning Run

Let’s start out with the ARMY theme song, and not too familiar with this one, but here it is for you, On The Morning Run

This next tune is one that I have heard for years….It is the Armed Forces Theme Song, and it is a good one…Click On Below…
(Be sure to check this out.)

Next up is the Navy Song, Anchors Away…Click On Below..

And now it is time for the Marine Corp Hymn, Marine Corp March…CLICK ON…

Here is another version of The ARMY Song…Click On…

Here is the Air Force Song for you….CLICK ON…

We have up next the Marching Song of the United States Coast Guard….CLICK ON…

This might be the best one of all….Here is Lee Greenwood, and the US Soldiers singing for us, God Bless the USA…Be sure to Click On Below, to enjoy this song….It is a Great One…

We close with a classic, The Caissons Keep Rolling Along, as we go back to the 1940’s….We hope you have enjoyed our Military Themed program for today….Have a good week and be sure to join us right back here, again next week…Be sure to Stay Positive, and Test Negative….


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