Aijah Palmore(Ragsdale High School/Lady Gaters) declares to play her College Basketball at St. Andrews University

Posted by Andy Durham on November 18, 2020 at 11:42 am under College, High School, Photos | 2 Comments to Read

Aijah Palmore, from Ragsdale High School, and part of the RHS Tigers Class of 2020, has declared to play her college basketball at St. Andrews University…She will part of the SAU Knights’ women’s basketball program…

Aijah Palmore:“After weighing my options and making a choice on my future, I have made a decision to commit to St. Andrews University to play basketball and further my education”…..Palmore, the post player from Ragsdale HS, thanks coaches Sparks, Shelton, Bradford, Coach Wayne and Coach T, for pushing her to reach her potential….

Aijah Palmore also says, “The time and effort put into me to be the player I am today, is appreciated”….

  • Rod said,

    Congratulations Aijah, Andy she was the class of 2020 she graduated with Stallings who is at Liberty

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got her posted/updated to Class of 20202…

    Thanks for sending…

    I hope to keep an eye on Nyah Stallings at Liberty…Liberty’s sports show, “Flames Central”, comes on TV locally on Sunday’s at 11:30am on TV 45 with Matt, Brett, and Emily Austen….

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