New Nickname for the Cleveland Indians baseball team???:Call them, “The Cleveland Plain Dealers”(Other Suggestions???)

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Cleveland’s baseball team will be looking for a new nickname.
(Our suggestion here would be, call them the Cleveland Plain Dealers….Name the baseball team, after the Cleveland newspaper, which is the largest newspaper in Ohio, by the way…Call the baseball team, “The Cleveland Plain Dealers”)….

**********Here are some other suggestions**********
Cleveland Spiders….This is current fan-favorite among Cleveland baseball fans…
Founded in 1887, the Forest Citys were the third professional team based in Cleveland. They became the Cleveland Spiders in 1889 and stayed in Cleveland for 10 years.

The Spiders’ 1899 season is among the most infamous campaigns in baseball history. With their owners moving the team’s best players to the St. Louis Browns, their new investment, the Spiders went 20-134.
++++++++++Time for Redemption???++++++++++

Cleveland Naps….
Imagine being so good and beloved they name the team after you? Meet Napoleon “Larry” Lajoie, who landed with Cleveland in 1902 when they were known as the Bronchos. But starting the next year, they became known as the Napoleons — shortened to “Naps” — in honor of their star player who served as player-manager from 1905-1909.

Cleveland Rocks/Rockers. ……For the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame….

Cleveland Guardians. …
The Hope Memorial Bridge, which hovers over the Cuyahoga River and sits just outside Progressive Field, is known for its gigantic “Guardians of Traffic” statues that are said to be protectors of transportation…..

Cleveland Buckeyes….
Of the Negro American League, the Cleveland Buckeyes (1943-1948) started out as the Cleveland-Cincinnati Buckeyes in 1942 before moving to Cleveland.

Cleveland Great Lakes/Lakers….
Cleveland sits on Lake Erie….

Cleveland Municipals. …
Cleveland Stadium, also known as Municipal Stadium, was the team’s home ballpark on the lakefront until Jacobs Field opened in 1994.

Cleveland Wild Things
Off the beaten path and a longshot for sure, the “Wild Things” is a reference to the cult classic baseball movie “Major League.” Ex-convict and wild fireball Rick “The Wild Thing” Vaughn, played by Charlie Sheen, was a central figure of the fictional Cleveland team, which banded together to win despite the best efforts of a spiteful owner.

Cleveland Blues
Adding in a historical aspect, the Cleveland Blues were a National League team from 1879-1884.

Cleveland Baseball Club……Popular, but simple route these days…Go with the CBC…..

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