T Albright/Tyler Albright, but could be E Albright for Energy Albright:This kid has the Energy and it is genuine/real(Check out our interview with Energy Albright)

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Talked today with Tyler Albright, a junior for the Grimsley Whirlies’ boys basketball team, and the Whirlies are coming off of their win last night over their rival, the Page Pirates….Tyler with 11 points in the first quarter alone, and he finished with right at 27 points for the Whirlies, and his basketball success did not come from looking around for his shots, he drove the basket and took/earned his shots and points…

Some of the things we asked the high-energy Albright today…..

You played one of your best games last night, what got you so focused for the Page game?
Tyler Albright:It’s all about the rivalry…The energy is just different when we face Page. Even without the massive number of fans, you could still feel the energy. And even with not that many fans in attendance, when I hit that first shot and it was a three-point shot, it was on…It is different without the crowds, but even with the crowds, you have to block them out, and focus on your game….As soon as you are able to do that, it is on…Fortunately I was on last night..

You had a very good game vs. Page at home last year, what do you remember about that game? You finished with a flurry of key points….
I got in late in that game…I did not start, but I caught fire there late in that contest and I hit the last two free throws and those were the biggest shots of my career…The biggest shots of my life…Huge point and points in my basketball career…

While watching your game, you always seem to finish well on your shots, do you agree with that thought, and describe your moves or drives to the bucket, you seem to be slashing and cutting to the bucket/basket and you don’t seem to mind the contact….
I always focus on the rim…I am a driver to the basket….I have always been a driver, but I am working on my outside shot, but I am able to do what I have to do to get to the rim, and if I can make the bucket, that is good…If don’t get the bucket, I can hopefully draw contact, and I don’t mind the contact, and if I can get the contact, that is good, because that gives me a chance at the free throw line, and I feel like I can make those free throws, and if I get the basket and the chance at the free throws, that is even better….Driving to the basket, drawing contact and getting a chance at some free throws, that can be a great part of your game…..

You almost have a Band or group of guys on your team that played together at Kiser Middle School, and you had success there, and that same group of guys, you, Travis Shaw, Jordan Wall and others are now having success at Grimsley, how tight is that group of guys and what does this bond mean to you???
We were County Champs and we were undefeated at Kiser and we have maintained a very tight friendship among our group of former Kiser Tigers…We stick together and we have a bond and trust among our group/team….There is a supreme trust with Travis Shaw and me….Out timing on the court really clicks…We know each other so well, there is no doubt this helps makes us better a Grimsley Whirlies basketball team….

At Kiser, you guys were a Championship Team…Is Grimsley now built to be a Championship Team???
That’s always the goal…..Going as we are now, and off to such a good start to the season, we want that to keep going, and that can lead to a title….

College plans are settled for you, tell us about those….
Headed to Duke for baseball…My dad(Stuart Albright) played football at Duke. My uncle(Erik Albright) played baseball at Duke…I like it because it is close to home…I also like the coaching staff, Coach Chris Pollard and staff do a great job…I love Duke, and my outside the box dream, would be to play basketball at Duke too, and get out there on the basketball court, as a walk-on….Would like to play some basketball at Duke, if that opportunity came open for me…

You carry that Albright name everywhere you go, what does that mean to a 16 year-old young man, is it important???
You have to have a chip on your shoulder…It is a family tradition…The Albrights and athletics…You have to embrace it and have the desire to be the best Albright of all…
(I/GreensboroSports.com have to say it, this Tyler Albright kid has the energy and desire to be the best. I think that is what keeps him climbing the charts, his energy and desire.)

In talking more with Tyler Albright, we learned that he played one year of youth football at Lewis Center, and then he turned his attention to baseball and basketball…That is where his focus is now, and he will be firmly focused on baseball, when his basketball season at Grimsley is complete…

Tyler Albright plays the outfield in baseball and he can also pitch…He will play in the outfield when he attends Duke University, and his preference is center field…Tyler bats right and throws left, and again in the outfield is his favorite spot on the field…

Tyler feels the Grimsley baseball team can make a good run at a title this season..The Whirlies only got in three games before the Pandemic hit last season, and along with Tyler Albright, Grimsley also returns Luke Jenkins, who is headed to UNCG for baseball, plus Eli Willen, who is on his way to Lenoir-Rhyne for baseball and Paddy McGonigal, who will attend Western Carolina University and play baseball for the Catamounts…

In the Summer months, Tyler Albright has been playing baseball for Andy Partin and the Dirtbags…His high school baseball coach is Jason Simmons, at Grimsley High School…

He is full of energy and desire, and with Tyler Albright, there is no slow down in his athletics schedule…Basketball practice Monday-Friday, plus a Saturday shoot-around at Grimsley, from 1-3pm….

This young man has the energy and desire and it will be on display in his next basketball game for the Grimsley Whirlies and they are hoping to be playing again, next Friday night….

**********You may not know this about Tyler Albright, but his brother, Griffen Albright, plays college baseball at DePauw University, in Greencastle, Indiana….**********

+++++++++Footnote:Coach Darren Corbett is doing a heck of a job, of running the show/coaching the Grimsley Whirlies boys basketball team, this season.++++++++++

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