Game Report on Northern Guilford-Eastern Alamance Boys Basketball:Five ‘Hawks in Double-Digits with Hodge, Whitley, Elliot, Vail and Helms leading the assault

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Northern Guilford 84, Eastern Alamance 56

Northern Guilford: 16,21,20,27=84
Eastern Alamance:  18,12,15,11=56

N Hodge: 22
N Whitley: 18
M Elliot: 12
B Vail: 11
J Helms:10
O Griffith: 7
V Bolyard: 2
L Tabler: 2

Eastern Alamance
D Kane: 13
E Mann: 10
L Reels: 9
Cal. Gerlach: 7
H Westbrooks: 6
Cam. Gerlach: 4
C Williams: 4
J Randolph: 3

Courtesy of Olivia Rollins, with Northern Guilford boys basketball

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