Do you take the Male sports reporters more seriously than you do the Female sports reporters?/Did Cam Newton send out a bad vibe?

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When Cam Newton said he thought the female sports reporter’s question was funny when she was asking about the Devin Funchess pass routes, did Cam disrespect that sports reporter(Jourdan Rodrigue/Charlotte Observer)????? Do you take the female sports reporters just as serious as you do the make sports reporters? I was tying to think back who …Read the Rest…

When are you “old enough” to get ‘The Call’???

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Today’s question of the day is, “When are you old enough to get ‘The Call’???” from Sunday’s Carolina Panthers-New Orleans Saints’ game with Jonathan Jones from the Charlotte Observer: The NFL’s vice president of officiating said Monday that referee Ed Hochuli adamantly denies telling Panthers quarterback Cam Newton he was “not old enough” to get …Read the Rest…

Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton agree to 5-year deal worth a whopping $103.8 million:Is Cam worth that much cash?

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$103.8 million over 5 years…..Is Cam worth that much cash? Give us a simple YES or NO on this one…..We would like to know what you think and if you have other comments, feel free to add them in to… YES or NO, Is Cam Newton worth $103.8 million over 5 years?????

The Carolina Panthers are Cam Newton’s team!!!(People don’t even talk about Steve Smith any more)[FOX 8 Panthers Special on Friday night at 7:30pm]

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The title says it all….This is now Cam Newton’s team and Steve Smith is a thing of the past…. No Steve Smith and the Carolina Panthers made the playoffs….. Really??? Yes, it really happened and the Panthers have moved on and won a divisional title without Steve Smith and they have hit their stride and …Read the Rest…

Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton involved in car/truck crash just one block from Bank of America Stadium

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Cam Newton crashed his truck today at around 12:30pm on the Church Street Bridge over Interstate 277, just one block from the Bank of America Stadium and WSOC TV-9 out of Charlotte has some very good info, video, plus photos and you can check them out when you CLICK HERE…. Cam Newton was taken to …Read the Rest…

Update on the Cam Newton(Carolina Panthers) helmet situation

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from Cam Newton has been fined $10,000 by the NFL for wearing Under Armour visor clips on his helmet. The infraction, a violation of the league’s equipment policy, was discovered earlier this week when a article pointed out Newton has been wearing the clips for much, if not all, of his three-year NFL …Read the Rest…

Cam Newton’s football helmet is in violation of the NFL’s league policy!

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Check out the Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton and look real close at his uniform and study his football helmet…He is in violation of the NFL’s uniform policy and he has been for several years, but somebody just recently caught on to it…. See if you see it and be sure to look close when …Read the Rest…

Carolina Panthers top New Jets 17-12 and Russell Wilson is named the starter for Seattle Seahawks

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The Panthers got the win over the Jets last night and RB Jonathan Stewart was injured…Cam Newton looked sharpe the entire time he was in the game, both with his running and passing and I was a bit surprised how well the passing game was working, even without Steve Smith in the game….That new receiver …Read the Rest…

Cam Newton vs. Tim Tebow, as the Carolina Panthers take on the New Jets tonight at 8pm on NBC

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Cam Newton used to be Tim Tebow’s backup at Florida, but tonight they will be on opposite teams, as the Carolina Panthers travel to New York, to take on the Jets…. The Panthers should be heavy favorites in this one and we’ll how it turns out on national TV, when the game kicks off at …Read the Rest…