Appalachian State snares I-AA Golden Goose

You really have to give it up to the Appalachian State Mountaineer’s football team after their win over Northern Iowa on the field at Chattanooga, Tennessee Friday night December 16. What the Apps or Neers did is almost unheard of in this part of the football world. To win a National Championship by a team from North Carolina? That is crazy but for all those Apps or Neers as the crazies like to call themselves it really must be a very satisfying feeling.

There really is a Santa Claus in Boone and his name is not Jerry Moore. He’s the man who used to be the kid is from Guilford County and he gave all the Wautaga County faithful and many others that were able to hear the game quite a treat. I have been hearing a lot of Happy Appy talk since the big game but no one is telling the story like our man from Guilford County has been telling the story for the past several years. He’s a Northeast Guilford grad and he also grabbed his diploma from Appalachian and we are talking about David Jackson the radio voice of the Mountaineers.

David’s dad, Randy Jackson, is the best weatherman or meteorologist that there has ever been in the Triad unless you throw in Dave Wright(the Atlantic Weatherman) and since this is a sports piece and Randy is huge sports fan it’s all about Randy.

Really it is all about David, that’s David Jackson the voice of the Neers or Apps. David is local product and he is calling football, basketball and baseball on the radio for Appalachian and our man David Jackson from Guilford County is a “NATIONAL CHAMPION”.(as Woody Durham likes to call ’em)
My only hang up with the game, which I watched on ESPN 2 at J. Butler’s restaurant with other Greensboro Sports staff members, the problem was I wanted to catch a piece of the post game with David Jackson on the radio but even when I laid my head on the dashboard or stuck my neck out the window I couldn’t hear the game.

I couldn’t hear the game because the local Appalachian affiliate over in Thomasville doesn’t get into Guilford County at night. Blow or Blo or 790 the Ball did not reach the listeners on that cold Friday night but if it would have been a day game we would have been A OK. Why not put the game on 98.3 FM that night?

I guess you can’t have everything, I’m just happy for the Appys and the kid and now I know he is the Man, David Jackson and all his buddies up in the high country. One of David’s buddies, the old coach himself, Jerry Moore is looking for a new contract. I say it’s time for Moore to move on. Coach, you won it all now head on out and into the sunset. Don’t tarnish your record by sticking around too long. You have your crown, now do the right thing and go out on top. Now would be the perfect time to get some new blood up in the hills. Coach, do the right thing and call it quits.

So it was a perfect ending for David Jackson and Coach Jerry Moore and you caught the real inside here on Greensboro Sports. When you need a fix of Professional Wrestling inside information go the Pro Wrestling Torch website. One of our local Guiford County school teachers writes for the torch and his work is considered some of the best in the business. Check out the artilcles by Bruce Mitchell if you like a little wrestling insde info like the story lines, behind the scenes news, and how the guys made it to the top and then how some fell all the way down and died while hitting rock botttom. Check out Bruce Mitchell at and you will not be disappointed. We will lay out some wrestling news here in the future but you can always count on the torch.

That’s it for this go around and with ACC hoops coming on in a hurry and our local hoops schools moving into the fast lane we will be busy at the Greesnboro Sports site. Until nest time, take care and talk to you soon.