They’re Coming to Greensboro: Duke-North Carolina Recap

The ACC Tournament is coming to town and there is no way we can stop this crowd that will soon be taking over the Gate City. Why would we want to halt the group that will put us on the national map for the umpteenth time? If you can’t beat ’em, then join ’em, even if you can’t get a ticket you can lock it down and watch all the action on your local station or drive to Detroit and watch it on ESPN.

The out of towners are coming, the out of towners are coming, but not before the ACC crowns the regular season champion. I think we should give more props these days to the regular season champ than we give to the tournament winner. The tourney has been watered down like a bottle of Ralph Havis Beef Burger Secret Sauce. The league has added several new teams that don’t have a chance to win the Greensboro event but hopefully they will stay in the Gate City long enough to put away a couple of Biffs with extra sauce over at Ralph’s place on West Lee Street.

The Duke-North Carolina hookup on Tuesday night was another great one in the best rivalry in college basketball series. J.J. Redick once again put it all together but Duke was not a two-man team as Josh McRoberts stepped up and gave the Blue Devils an added push to go with Redick and Sheldon Williams. McRoberts had the two-hand reverse dunk that set the tone for the game in it’s early stages.

The Heels made a game of it and the final score(87-83) does not even begin to tell the whole story of what happened on that light blue basketball court in Chapel-Hill. Duke had the 17 point lead in the second half but the Heels led by their Blue Team came back and took the lead with 3:30 to play. Duke jumped back in front but when Sean Dockery missed a couple of free throws the Heels were right back in it again. The credit goes to the Blue Devils who pulled it all out on their hated rival’s home floor. When the series goes back to Durham it could get rugged. It will be Redick, Williams, Dockery, and Melchionni’s last home game and the last game for Coach K at Duke if decides to join the Lakers.

Art Chansky says Duke-North Carolina is the best rivalry in college basketball and he is absolutely correct. Duke-North Carolina might be #2 in all of sports. Top Rivalries in Sports: #1 New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox
#2 Duke-North Carolina
#3 Dallas Cowboys-Washington R.Skins
#4 Tennessee-Florida
#5 Texas-Oklahoma
#6 Michigan-Ohio State
#7 Clemson-South Carolina
#8 Auburn-Alabama
#9 Montreal-Toronto
#10 Kentucky-Louisville
*****Honorable Mention***** Guilford County Commissioners vs. Greensboro City Council

Fan Rivalry Duke-North Carolina:The Ones We Know Of – Blue Devils/Tar Heels…………………………………………………………………………………………..
TAR HEELS: Woody Durham, Jeff Summey, Steve Candler, Amy from HockeyCountry, Monty Smith, Cecil Carr, Steve Jones, Jim Gentry, Joel Fleisman, Don Moore, Paul Lambeth, John Hitchcock, Erskine Bowles…

BLUE DEVILS: Bob Harris, Ogi Overman, Dan Thomas, Gary Thomas, Bruce Mitchell, Gary Jenkins(Scotty’s brother), Greg Johnson, Ken Fulk, Craig Kabatchnik…