The Polls Are Open: High School, College, Pro, Olympics

The high school conference tournaments got under way on Monday night and the Southern Guilford teams have both been eliminated. Word on the Northwest boys: Gone. Page won the rematch from last Friday and now the NWG boys season is over. The same can be said for the SG squads and the big question is, who will be next, or as Bill Goldberg used to say,”Who’s Next”? After all the dust is settled you should expect to see the Dudley boys, the Dudley girls, the Grimsley girls, and the Greensboro Day School boys in line to bring home some sort of titles. We may be talking states, regionals, sectionals, or conference crowns, the above mentioned teams are your favorites. GDS has High Point Wesleyan on Thursday and then the NCIHSAA title is on the line next week at the Day School.

This Week’s TOP TEN POLL(Boys)
1)Greensboro Day School
3)High Point Central
7)High Point Andrews
8)Northeast Guilford
9)Eastern Guilford

This Week’s TOP TEN POLL (Girls)
3)Northwest Guilford
4)Eastern Guilford
5)High Point Central
6)Bishop McGuiness
10)Southwest Guilford

The ACC and Area Division I Teams Need a TOP TEN Rundown
1)DUKE(They will win it all unless Redick gets shot by Dick Cheney).
2)N.C. STATE(Wolfpack will win it all when Cheap Cuts charges Herb full price for a haircut).
3)NORTH CAROLINA(Heels will win it all again when Quinton Thomas makes First Team All-ACC).
4)ELON(Ernie Nestor’s club will win it all when Atoyobi finishes grad school, and I don’t really see him heading in that direction)
5)UNC-Wilmington(Bring back a Brent Blizzard from the hard hit areas of the Northeast U.S. and the Seahawks will win it all ).
6)CHARLOTTE(What in the heck happened to the UNC-? Cedric” Cornbread”
Maxwell stole it the last time the 49er’s went to the Final Four) Win it all? NOT
7)APPALACHIAN STATE(Won it all in Football)
8)UNCG(Spartans will take the Southern Conference trophy if you will let them have it for finishing First in the YUM-YUM’s Hot Dog Eating Contest).
9)WAKE FOREST(Skip Prosser will win it all when he leaves and takes the job at Cincinnati and leads the Bearcats to the Promised Land).
10)FILL IN THE BLANK(Davidson, Campbell, East Carolina, N.C. A&T, UNC-P, UNC-A, Whose Left?)

We will be ranking our PRO TEAMS on a short-term basis…
1)Carolina Hurricanes
2)Carolina Panthers
3)Carolina Dynamo
4)Carolina Kia(on Battleground Avenue)
5)Charlotte Bobcats

We will have a Report from the Olympic Village in our next installment, and if you have a current Olympic Update leave it for us in the comment box. We need more comments, good or bad we will take them all.

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