Tuesday Mornings with Marty

We will approach this installment of the Greensboro Sports wrapup with as much delicate entry as possible. We hope to have more local action by the end of the day but for our morning installment we will take a short look at what was happening on Monday evening as sports entertainment made another trip toward one of it’s all-time low territories.

The WWE on the USA network can put together some fairly entertaining Monday evening programs. You have to overlook some of their salt and then again some of their pepper and other seasonings to get through the complete two hour offering. Last night Vince McMahon pushed the envelope to a level that goes beyond explaination.

Marty Jannetty, Shawn Michaels former tag-team partner in the Midnight Rockers, was forced into a position where he was supposed to kiss Mr. McMahon’s rear-end in order to secure a job with the company. It was told to the audience that Marty was homeless and did not even have a car and that in reality(if you can use that reference in regard to the WWE) Jannetty was flat broke.

When it came time for the moment of truth Marty refused to kiss Mr. McMahon’s rear-end and Marty was subjected to the master-lock applied by Chris Masters. Shawn Michaels came in to save his old tag team partner and then Marty vanished and Masters went to the back to have his biceps and triceps deflated.

HBK(The Heartbreak Kid/Michael Hickenbottom) Shawn Michaels was then forced to kiss Vince McMahon’s butt after he had been smacked from behind with a chair by Shane McMahon who had been hiding under the ring, at least that’s what the Coach and Jerry Lawler were telling us.

The Saturday Night Main Event on NBC is coming soon and after the two -hour extravaganza, Wrestlemania will be just days away. McMahon is setting the table for a big money March and April and don’t think for a second that he doesn’t know exactly how much money is in your wallet. McMahon has your number buddy. Credit Card number, cell phone number, license number, he is out to get you to shell out and purchase a piece of his empire.

Trish Stratus and Mickey James should probably take their show out to Guilford College-Jamestown Road or to West Wendover but they will be on your TV and sitting right in your lap as long as you tune in . Steve says,”Bring it On”, Chip says,”It’s About Time”, Cecil Carr said,”I Can See This”, Doug C. says,”I Can’t Stop Watching”, Bruce B. says,”Where Do We Sign Up?”, LD Brown says,”How About Calling Me Lefty, Vince?”.

We close this segment with the Big Happy Birthday Wishes to Tim Duhon. Tim ate steak and all the accessories on Monday and he even had his favorite brownies for dessert, but Tim said to heck with the stupid icing. Tim took a long Drive down Lawndale on his Scooter for his BIRTHDAY LAPS and watch out if you see Old Yellow headed in your direction. Hang in there Tim and make sure your’e back for number 43 in 2007.

Tuesdays with Marty is complete and we promise that this will not be an on-going project.