Polls and Such

The high school teams are just a few feet from the finish line and we have one more look at our Top Ten Polls and a few rambling thoughts on the eve of the ACC tournament.

1)Greensboro Day
3)Northeast Guilford
5)High Point Central
6)High Point Andrews
8)Eastern Guilford

2)Bishop McGuiness
3)High Point Central
5)Northwest Guilford
6)Eastern Guilford
8)Northeast Guilford

High School baseball is now in full swing and the Coach, Johnny Smith was right about the kid from North Forsyth, Addison Johnson who struck out 10 Northwest Guilford batters on Tuesday in route to a NF Viking win over the NWG Vikings. Johnson is the real deal and the Metro 4-A better look out.

Glenn took it to Southeast and Southern eased past Western and the Ragsdale Tigers are still unbeaten. Brandon Phelps has been the big man for the Tigers at the plate. Grimsley got solid production from the Forest Oaks transfer trio, as Lester Rivenbark, Dusty Shutt, and Clint Moore paced the Whirlies to the win column. Grimsley may still be the team to beat when the weather gets warmer and the new kids get used to playing with the vets.

It looks like the weather is getting hot over at the Coliseum and our First Team All-ACC team is still stirring up the pot and I will say this, we were just about on the money with all of our GS.com selections.

One more last look at the ACC accolades and some other thoughts, and what do you have to say about the number of ACC schools that will going to the NCAA tournament?

Coach of the Year: Roy Williams(We called it here 6 weeks ago)
Player of the Year:JJ(Never in doubt)Adam Morrison should win the National Award because he still has gas left in his tank and Redick is running on EMPTY.
Top Freshman:We had Hansbrough on First Team before the club jumped on his back and tried to ride him to the scorer’s table.
On the rest of the First Team All-ACC:We hit the target on everyone but Singletary and if you don’t have a Virginia Cavalier program you’d think this guy was Mike Singletary. Sean Singletary, nobody knows you but your momma.

ACC Men’s Teams to the NCAA Tournament:Duke, North Carolina, Boston College, N.C. State, Florida State…….

I still say the ACC Men’s tourney isn’t what it used to be. When only the champion went to the Dance the Tournament was life or death, now it only puts more money in Johnny Swofford’s pocket and when we have poor people struggling to make ends meet out on Phillips Avenue we need to spread the Wealth around the City and bring the FanFest out to East Wendover Avenue.

If you really want to right some major wrongs bring back the CIAA Tournament when the ACC leaves Greensboro, and all we have is Ogi Overman holding Gene Banks hand out on High Point Road as the ACC men take off for the 30,000 seat riches of St. Petersburg, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and Boston, Mass.