Revolution – Round Two

The Revolution’s second game was not has successful as the first; but, then this is not the NFL. As the owner has stated, this is entertainment and I say it’s still a good deal.

The Lakeland Thunderbolts came to town and they were better than the Revolution on the field. The Thunderbolts are 3-0; but they didn’t roll through Greensboro as they had their two previous victims. The Revolution held the Thunderbolts to 60 points, while only managing 12 themselves. Lakeland’s Don Robinson put on an exhibition catching 4 touchdown passes.

For the Revolution Sammy Henderson showed some speed with his returns.

Collage of 04-01 Game

A lot of footballs made it to the stands, including one extra point that was caught by a young lady in the front row of the upper deck.

Even as the players are learning the ropes of arena football, the fans are having a blast. The cheerleaders, dance team and other staff members are around before the game and the players join the fans after the game. For the price, it’s a deal.