Hoppers Hit Home Run

NINE THOUSAND – ONE HUNDRED – TEN…. The largest crowd in current Greensboro baseball history. Needless to say Donald Moore and the Greensboro Grasshoppers have built on last year’s success and are keeping momentum up.

Over the winter, the left field berm was rebuilt from scratch and now it can hold easily a thousand or more people.
Hoppers 04-06-06
Even with the largest crowd in history, the park was up to the task. $1 Drafts certainly put the facility to the test and I believe that they will break 10,000 if the Grasshoppers allow it.

As for the Grasshoppers – they won! A few runs into the Left Field Berm. It’s a long season – tonight was a good start.

The Grasshoppers are home through next Thursday.