Three ACW Belts Change Hands-Hoppers Belt Three Homers in Win

ACW(Alternative Championship Wrestling) had another successful run at Greensboro’s Phillips Avenue Special Events Center on Saturday evening. The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs Kids had a super time and the fans were treated to a show that was highlighted by a return to the Gate City from all-time NWA/WCW superstar Bobby Fulton.

Fulton did not go back to Concord with a title belt but Jack Spade, Rob Killjoy, and the tag team of The Bounty Hunter and Leroy Green(the wrestler formerly known as Seven) all became champions on a Night of Champions. The totals showed a new ACW Heavyweight champ(Spade), the new Eastern Champion(Killjoy), and the new Tag Team Champs(Green and Bounty).

The man who has traveled more highway time than anyone other than Ric Flair, yes you know who we are talking about, George South was in the house in Greensboro and South said this was one of the best run nights of Wrestling that he has ever witnessed. South(WCW/NWA/PWF/EWA/WWF) knows what he is talking about and Tim Blaze deserves all the credit for what went down in Greensboro.

Blaze has put together a game plan or formula that will have other wrestling promotions huddling around in dark rooms with closed doors trying to figure out what Tim is going to do next. Here’s hoping the rumors are not true that Blaze might be leaving and going over to the WARD FAMILY PROMOTIONS. The TNT Wrestling that the Wards are promoting all across Virginia and throughout the Southeast is getting real hot as we head into the Summer months.

We need to put out a plea to keep Blaze and ScrapYard Dog and not lose them to the Wards and TNT. Dale Ward is a shrewd Westling promoter and he might just try to pull Blaze and SYD right out from under our noses. Ward already has stolen Lodi and Ward has the Steiner Brothers, Buff Bagwell, Lenny Lane, the Barbarian, Jerry Lawler, and even Kamala.

Do all you can to let Tim Blaze and ScrapYard Dog know that we still need them in Greensboro. Don’t let the fire and bark get out of the Triad. The heat will be on again at the Special Events Center sometime down the road and until then we will have to keep an eye out for all the ACW Wrestlers and hope they don’t jump over to some other Federation like Chris Guerrero has done as of late. Guerrero can’t seem to get his assignments straight and he will be missing all of Tim Blaze’s future ACW shows and probably won’t get his shot with Dale Ward and TNT.

We leave the squared circle and head to the First Horizon Park where late game heroics again saved the Greensboro Grasshoppers on Monday night. The Hoppers have had walk-off homers for the cycle now in 2006 after the solo walk-off shot by Johnathan Fulton that won Monday’s game for the Hoppers 4-3 over the Asheville Tourists.

The Hoppers had a 2-1 lead after Fulton had homered earlier in the game and Jeff Van Houten had driven in a run and the Grasshoppers looked like they would have the game wrapped up leading 2-1 with two outs and a 1-2 count on the Tourists’ batter in the top of the ninth. Hoppers closer Blake Jones gave up a key hit and the Tourists went up 3-2 and that paved the way for the Hoppers great comeback in the bottom of the ninth.

It was another crazy comeback. Kris Harvey hit a solo homerun to tie at 3-3 and with one out on the board and the Hoppers trying for another fantastic finish Fulton sent his second shot of the evening into the night. The Hoppers had belted 3 homeruns on Monday and all three of those suckers “Were Long Gone”.

Hoppers Win, Hoppers Win, Hoppers Win, Hoppers Win, Hoppers Win Again.
Solid relief pitching from David Humen also was a Hoppers highlight of the night. You might want to call David a Humen Highlight Reel. Humen went three innings in relief and retired the first 8 men he faced and struck out 6 consecutive Tourist batters. Blake Jones got the win after blowing the save but as they say with the Hoppers belting those 3 homeruns,” Alls Well That Ends Well”.