Stanley Cup Pictures

On a stormy Wednesday night, the day after the Fourth of July, thousands of hockey fans made it out to see the Stanley Cup at First Horizon Park. By 6 PM, when the gates opened, there were fans in line to see the cup. By 7 PM, when the Cup was scheduled to appear, the line streetched from the far side of Natty’s Hill to the Bellemead Gates.
Natty's Hill

People waited as long as an hour to get their pictures with the Stanley Cup.

Bob Godfrey.

There were serious fans and fans having fun.

Fans and Employees alike wanted to see the Cup.

Old Generals – Phil Berger and Stanley Trumbull.

As the night ended, there was ONE picture I wished I had taken. Jim Melvin and the Stanley Cup. Mr. Melvin waited until the end of the evening and caught a glimpse of what nearly 5,000 people had been patient to see. Hockey fans are in Greensboro. Hopefully, Wednesday’s turn-out to see the Stanley Cup will encourage Mr. Melvin to shake a few trees to get hockey back in Greensboro.