Weigh In When You Get a Chance:Who will be the New Guy(Host) on the Fox Network NFL Pre-Game Show and Who’s Watching the NFL, More Blacks or Whites?

The FOX Network is going to name a new host for their NFL pre-game show some time in the next few days. Many have speculated that they already know who it’s going to be, but they are waiting to make the big announcement. Kind of knowing my luck they will spill the beans while I am working on the GBS Monday edition.

Fox needs a new host for the Sunday NFL pre-game show because their top dog for several years left at the end of last season and moved over to CBS. JB, James Brown is the man we are talking about and he is the best studio host for the NFL that there is out there. James Brown kept the FOX show on the road and he made Terry Bradshaw what he is today. Brown will greatly improve the CBS crew and critics say it will not be an easy task for JB. Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, and Shannon Sharpe make up the rest of the CBS team and I have not heard too many good things about Dan, Boomer, or Shannon.

Who will FOX hire and what are they waiting on? Brown left FOX at the end of last season, say February, and FOX has been waiting in the hen-house to let the viewers know who will lead the show in the abcense of JB. Will it be Joe Buck? Buck is part of the FOX #1 play-by-play team and his partner Troy Aikman would be lost without Buck. Aikman was afraid to get on the roller coaster with his old girl Lorrie Morgan at Six Flags over Texas(TA said Lorrie could ride the coaster alone but he wasn’t getting on that monster) and he sure isn’t going far without Buck there to hold his hand. Aikman is a momma’s boy and a jackass and I don’t want any part of this former Dallas Cowboy.

Who could it be now? NBC has Bob Costas locked up and he will be teamed with former FOX star and pretty boy Chris(or Chrissie) Collinsworth. NBC also has the former Steeler with the Super Bowl ring Jerome Bettis and Sterling Sharpe for the studio crew. Chris Berman, whose act is getting old, is and will continue to be a main-stay at ESPN. Stuart Scott of ESPN would jump before you showed him the carrot and he could use that carrot, if he could just see it.

Who does that leave for FOX? How about Len Berman? He used to team with Bob Costas on NBC back in 70’s. Maybe we should put out a call for Jim Rome. JR would definitely stir up the pot. Where’s good old Tim Brando when you need him? Bill McAtee has been honing up his skills at CBS and Dan Hicks should consider leaving NBC now that Hannah Strom is over at CBS and will be out of work soon too. Dan Rather might be looking for another part-time gig now that he has signed on with Mark Cuban. The last time I saw Fred Hickman he was looking lost on the YES Network. Craig Kilbourne has been missing in action now for about 18 months and it might be time for his return.

The bottom line is James Brown was a great grab for CBS. There is just something about the JB approach. It is smooth and he brings out the best in the others around him. FOX needs to make their move or announce their decision soon so the public can be ready for the change. Has anyone seen Bryant Gumble lately or why not let his brother Greg switch to FOX? They say all the good ones have gone on to HBO or to the NFL Network and they may be right. Who’s that guy over on the NFL Network that used to be with ESPN and he did some light tennis coverage for CBS in-studio during the US Open?(Are we talking Rich Eisen?) He might the man. If nothing else turn Terry Bradshaw loose and let him run wild and ruin the studio show and then the disaster might make FOX think twice about losing James Brown if they can ever get JB back again.

Good luck with it FOX and who the heck is watching the NFL on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network? Are there more blacks or whites watching the NFL on TV? I find this to be an intresting topic. By the percentages I find that there are more black men watching the NFL on TV than there are white men. The black guys don’t do nothing but watch football on Sundays. The black guys eat, drink, and sleep football. The white guys talk some football and they will watch some football but the black guys have the white guys beat by a country mile. The white guys are like football geeks but the black guys are like football animals.

The black man will spend big bucks to buy all the football gear that is available and if not to be found for purchase the black dude knows how to get it if you know what I mean(that’s how I got most of my stuff so what are You looking at, FREE GEAR, I’m right here). Sports is the life-blood of the black man in today’s society and football is the #1 sport. For many years the black man has been tied in with the NBA, but I have this feeling that since football is a game dominated by the black runners and wide receivers, the black sports fan is locked into football and that’s what they are going to be doing when there is a game on the tube.

The runningbacks and wide receivers are your fastest players and they are in large majority the black dudes. The black viewer wants to watch his man take the ball into the endzone. Quarterbacks are not by and large the fan favorites. Who really gives a flying horse turd about one of those sissy-looking Manning brothers. They ought to take those guys out behind a building and kick their butts. Peyton and Eli fall right into the Troy Aikman category. They probably have their Mom come in from Mississippi and tuck them in for bed two or three times each week.

The black man is watching football and he is going to control the game both on and off the field. I’ve got no problem with that, it just means I’m gonna have to keep working a little harder and my other white brothers need to do a little work too. The NFL wants passionate fans who know the game and the black man will run you down and he will intercept your TV if you don’t watch out. In all seriousness what do you think and are going to make your opinion be seen in our comment box?

I’m laying it on the line and how about you?

11 thoughts on “Weigh In When You Get a Chance:Who will be the New Guy(Host) on the Fox Network NFL Pre-Game Show and Who’s Watching the NFL, More Blacks or Whites?

  1. The black man has worked hard for what he’s got. I think his time has come. More power to James Brown, Mike Tirico, and Ahmad Rashad.

  2. Good article. The future is now. Randy Moss is the best receiver in the history of the NFL and Tom Jackson and Pamela Oliver are the most underrated announcers. I am also a big fan of James Brown and the new CBS crew.

  3. Terry Bradshaw made the FOX show what it is today, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson also make the show the best on TV, they will not even miss JB. The QB is always the star player on the team you need come back down to reality, how many teams with a black QB have won the super bowl, maybe two, you need to get real GBS .com

  4. “Terry Bradshaw made the FOX show what it is today”!! Terry Bradshaw is the biggest joke on TV. No wonder he has depression, just look at him! I would be depressed too. Everyone knows you are just trying to get the “stir” flying, because if you are really this dumb, you should keep it to yourself. It is very easy to see the black athlete is by far superior to his white counterpart, if you can’t see it, you ain’t watching. The only reason white QBs win more Super Bowls is because it is one of the few positions a white player can play. White players mainly play QB or Offensive Line because you don’t have to move much at those positions! How many white cornerbacks are there? I would love to see QBs and CBs switch spots for one games in the nfl. Guess who would win. Can you imagine watching Peyton Manning trying to guard Randy Moss? I think it would be the most amusing thing I’ve ever seen. I agree with Andy about the Mannings. Someone should put them out of their misery. Or someone could put them in Misery with that crazy woman and she could smash up thier ankles good! I would put my money on her agianst the two of them anyday!

  5. Every position on the field is a “thinking mans” position. I’m not sure about Eli, but Peyton Manning will never win a super bowl. If he couldn’t get it done with the team they had last year, then he just doesn’t have what it takes. Any QB in the league would look that good on that team. Its about the team, not any single player. That is why the Pats went on the run they did. That is also why Bradshaw has 4 rings, because he was on great teams. I’m not saying he wasn’t a good QB, I’m just saying he sucks on tv with his dry boring attempted humor. There are some great white athletes, but there are MANY MORE great black athletes.

  6. Bradshaw, Johnson, Long have about 8 rings between them, all JB was doing was keeping that seat warm. Bradsraw is the one that makes that show go, they will not miss a beat with JB gone.

  7. JB was the host and TB is not a host. Terry Bradshaw has tried several times to have his own TV show where he was the host and the shows where TB was the host all went into the toilet. Fox needs a new host, so why don’t they go after Brent Musberger. Musberger is over at ABC and he needs a change. Musberger could be the leader(host) and let Bradshaw, Long, and Johnson do the work since they are all former Football men. Harold Reynolds is out of work but he should probably stick to Baseball and do the analysis duties and not mess with the hostess. Really Fox should go to work to bring back James Brown and if they can’t get him this year bring in the real James Brown(the “Godfather of Soul”) until they can get the other James Brown back from CBS, or bring in Doug Brown, or Doug Cockman, or Doug Flutie.

  8. All you whites are doing is trying to put the Black man down. I think I’ll call Skip Austin and let him know what’s going on over here at this crazy place. Go JB, James Brown- his name even sounds good to me.

  9. “The white guys are like football geeks but the black guys are like football animals”.

    Give me a break….. and I bet you think all QB’s should be white geeks

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