There Goes Pete Rose, AGAIN……….

Pete Rose drove right past the Baseball Hall of Fame again this weekend just like he has been doing the past 20 years. Bruce Sutter got in and there is a big push to get Rich “Goose” Gossage into the Hall, but Pete will have to just keep on driving by the Hall up in Cooperstown, New York because he is not going to get in.

Pete is not going to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame and he does not deserve induction into the Hall. Pete made a living playing baseball and tried to make a living betting on baseball. Pete bet on baseball and he placed bets on his own team. While “Charlie Hustle” was managing the Reds he bet everday on his own team. If I were a player that would make me furious and the fans should at least be mad as heck when they think about how Pete tried to “PLAY” the game when he was running the team. Pete Rose was all about “PLAYING” everybody.

Rose was betting on baseball while he was the field general of the Cincinnatti Reds and the word is that Pete would place a bet or two from the clubhouse phone if he could get an outgoing “LINE”. Pete Rose was one hard working baseball player and if he would have stuck to playing baseball he might already be in that Baseball Hall of Fame. Certain fans argue that PR should be judged by his playing days only when you look at his potential “Call to the Hall”.

PR put up unheard of numbers as a player, but as a manager he hurt the integrity of the game. Pete’s days as a manager must be taken into consideration for his Hall of Fame possibilities. As a manager of the Reds, PR was still involed in the game and he was betting on his own team. Rose filled out the lineup card each day and he called all the shots when his team took the field. Pete could influence the “OUTCOME of the GAME”. PR is wagering on his own team and he is in control of how his team plays and making game changing decisions. I believe PR was looking out for Pete Rose and not for his team and the game of baseball.

Pete Rose bet on baseball and he bet on his own team. Did Pete always bet that his team would win or did he sometimes bet that his team would lose? Pete did what was best for Pete. When you look at Pete’s career as a player only he would already be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but when you look at the whole Rose as player and manager which makes up his complete baseball career, Pete better keep the truck running when he drives through Cooperstown, New York AGAIN next year and every year after.

2 thoughts on “There Goes Pete Rose, AGAIN……….

  1. what about Micheal Jordan – do you think he ever bet on his own team? – get real man they all do it – its all about the money-CD

  2. You can be a wife-beater, a drug addict, or a tax cheat and be in the hall of fame, but if you wager on baseball, they don’t want nuthin’ to do with you. The HAll is a sham anyway, and when they start putting all of these steroid abusers in the hall, it will really be a joke. But you are right, Rose has no chance of making it into the hall.

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