ACC Football In 2006

The wars are about to begin. In just a few more days the college footballs will be filling the air and Greensborosports will be at every game in the ACC and many other games throughout the Southeastern United States and across the entire Nation. We have correspondants lined up to help us cover college football like a blanket. I played Division I-AA college football and I am ready to see the teams line it up and let the heads roll. There is nothing better to see young men beating each other’s brains out on a hot sweaty playing surface called a college football field. I still tell anyone that will listen that I can start for any high school in this area and most of the small college teams like Guilford, Greensboro College etc. I will be hitting the field up at Guilford College the first week in September and look forward to running some pass patterns and letting loose with some 35-45 yard passes and maybe a bomb or two to get the season rolling.

I love to watch the boys hit, because the football mentality is kill or be killed. That’s what it’s all about. If I keep talking too much junk this article or blog will never get off the ground so here goes with the ACC in 2006.

If I were ranking the conference as a whole and that is how it should be done and not some divisional garbage, here’s how I would rank the teams 1-12…..

#1)Florida State(Rank them tops every year till someone proves me wrong)….
#2)Virginia Tech(Frank Beamer is the best coach in the conference and maybe the entire country)……
#3)Miami(Always great talent but can they stay out of jail until the season is over)……
#4)Clemson(Tommy Bowden is due the big-time wins and the Tigers need to come through for their coach before he leaves to take his dad’s spot in Tallahassee)…
#5)Georgia Tech(One heck of a place to play a college football game and Chan Gailey has to begin to win big games or he will be an assistant coach in the NFL)…
#6)Boston College(It’s a toss-up with BC and Ga. Tech for 5 or 6 and Tech has been a league member longer, but Tom O’Brien is one tough cookie and I don’t want to be around TOB when he blows his TOP at BC)………
#7)Virginia(Al Groh better have his men ready to win 6 games plus or he will be on the BUS headed back to where he came from: New York, New England, New York, Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill)………..
#8)Maryland(Ralph Friedgen is still a quality coach but he has been going down hill lately in the ACC and if he doesn’t pick up the pace he will be leaving the place set to replace Gailey at Georgia Tech when he gets fired)……

Nine through Twelve and this is where it gets tough with the annual ranking of the BIG FOUR………………….NEWS FLASH:The North Carolina Schools bring up the REAR{AGAIN}………………
#9)NC State(The Wolfpack has 2 of the best runningbacks around in Toney Baker and Andre Brown and if the Pack can’t beat out the other BIG FOUR schools then Amato needs to Go and bring in Bill Cowher)…….
#10)Wake Forest(The Deacons have an over- achiever for a coach in Jim Grobe and he might just take the BIG FOUR title with Ben Mauck and Micah Andrews returning but WFU does not have an over- the- top winning attitude, when they get behind against the big-name schools they know they will eventually lose the game and winning is not a possibility)……
#11)North Carolina(Cam Sexton vs. Joe Dailey for starting QB is the burning question and after that is settled the Heels will be satisfied with just finishing the season, not completing 50% of their passes against South Florida)…..
#12)Duke(Not much to work with here, Duke kicks several top players out of school for fighting at a bar, maybe they should put a star on their helmets and tell them to get back in the game and keep on fighting)….(Duke could make ****Coach K**** the honorary Defensive coach for the Football team after he leads the USA basketball team to victory)

Given some of the BIG FOUR schools don’t play each, but we will base our ranking on overall performance/standings and let the chips fall where they may…….

Let’s take a final look at this ACC Football race from a Divisional approach and compare our list with the LINDY’S LIST…………………………….
1)Florida State(GBS Florida State)
2)Clemson(GBS Clemson)
3)Boston College(GBS Boston College)
4)Maryland(GBS Maryland)
5)Wake Forest(GBS NC State)
6)NC State(GBS Wake Forest)

1)Miami(GBS VA Tech)
2)Virginia Tech(GBS Miami)
3)Georgia Tech(GBS GA Tech)
4)North Carolina(GBS Virginia)
5)Virginia(GBS UNC)
6)Duke(GBS Duke)

************Above Rankings Lindy’s Football List on Left/GreensboroSports Ranking is on the Right************(Reminder these lists are Garbage, Rank the teams 1-12 and let the top 2 teams at the end of the year play for the ACC Crown and name me to replace John Swofford)………………………………
How’s your team looking? OH they were picked to finish 5th, Oh that sounds great, NO that’s garbage….. 5th out of 6 teams, that’s GARBAGE………..

5 thoughts on “ACC Football In 2006

  1. We are in the south the only football that matters is SEC football they drop ACC football and I do not think people would care the ACC is like a JV league compared to the SEC, give us updates on BAMA, FLA, AUBURN, GA,LSU, TENN all top 25 teams then we will talk football.

  2. Florida State, Virginia Tech, Miami, Clemson…..That’s 4 Top 25 teams for you with Boston College and Georgia Tech ready to jump in soon……….We then would have half the league in the Top 25. It might be a dream or it might turn out to be a nightmare and the SEC would rule the Football World. I have heard from some North Carolina fans and they tell me don’t forget the name Ronnie McGill. I still can’t forget the name Goldust but that’s a different show…….

  3. Miami will make a run at the National Championship and Clemson will be the sleeper to win the ACC Title. Andy’s Wolfpack will be lucky to beat Appalachian State and it will be a long year in Raleigh.

  4. The ACC is garbage when it comes to football. The SEC is clearly the powerhouse in football. I would have to rate the ACC about 5th or 6th at best. The only reason it is that high is because all the teams they have brought in in recent years so they wouldn’t be a complete joke. Just look at your list, the top 3, (and 4 of the top 6), are all teams the ACC didn’t used to have. None of the North Carolina teams are going to do anything, Clemson will stumble and fall just like always, Maryland, Virgina and GT will be horrible. The ACC is basketball country baby! Lets start the countdown.

  5. In response to Reid, NC State will be have something for the Boys from Boone and don’t be shocked if the Pack goes Smashmouth and runs the ball right down Boone’s throat. Toney Baker has added 20 pounds of muscle over the summer and Andre Brown will be leaving town and Boone won’t be able to catch him. Boone has been running their mouth(yap) and State is getting sick of it. In response to Marshall, the ACC bought it’s Football power when it brought in the new teams, but we gave the Newbies basketball credibility so it is an even trade-off. The ACC can now excel in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. If they could only make NASCAR a college sport. Again watch out Boone, you can’t get out of Raleigh too soon………

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