NFL “N Sider”:Fox on the Run

The Carolina Panthers are in a quandry. The Cats are 0-2 and they hit the road this week for Tampa, Florida. Carolina has to win this game or their chances of making the playoffs will be slim or none and slim left town yesterday. Coach Fox told some of our sources that the Cats have to move the football on the ground and that DeAngelo Williams will soon be his #1 back. The Panthers have proven that they are not very adept at throwing the ball, did you see that pass they tried on the punt return? My guess is that the Cats can beat the Bucs but Julius Peppers may have to line up under center and QB the Cats. All kidding aside, if the Panthers fall to Tampa and start out 0-3, call Fred Whitfield and tell him to get your Bobcats tickets ready. Panthers:27-20

With those of you in the Panthers corner we are predicting that Carolina will finally win and we turn our attention to other the NFL teams. Cecil Carr’s Chicago Bears are for real. The Black and Blue Special this week has Da Bears at Minnesota. Both teams are 2-0 and since we’ve heard that Bruce Bullington is also a former Bears fan along with CC, we are going with the Monsters of the Midway and not with the Purple People Eaters. Sorry about that to my distant cousin Carl Eller. Bears:28-21

Pick ’em and Weep……Jacksonville at Indianapolis- I’ve got to take the Colts because for some unknown reason I can’t stand the Jags. Peyton’s Place:31-24.
Green Bay at Detroit, you have to go with the Lions and everybody knows it’s time for Brett Farve to hang it up and go home. Lions:20-17
The Titans at the Dolphins, there has been a Quarterback contraversy brewing up in Tennessee(Volek has gone to San Diego) and it is time for the Fins to Win. Miami:28-14(For the Titans, Kerry Collins is your main man at QB? PLEASE…..)
Washington at Houston-If the ‘Skins can’t beat the Texans and David Carr especially with Clinton Portis back in the lineup for Washington then we need to dig up Waylon Jennings and let him coach for Daniel Snyder. Skins:24-14

Boy there are some good games this weekend. The Bengals visit the Steelers and what do you say we stick with the home team? Why not, the Steelers are always tough at home and they better be against Carson Palmer and Rudy Johnson and Chad Johnson. Steelers:27-23
The New York Jets at the Buffalo Bills and the road dogs are lining up at the bowl but I will still stick with the homers and try my luck from there. The Bills need to smoke the Jets but it will be closer than you think. Bills:28-27
Baltimore at Cleveland and I think the Ravens are B. Bullington’s most recent favorite team since they are an entity from Maryland and Baltimore specific. Cleveland has yet to win a game and the Ravens are 2-0 and they are for real. Baltimore:31-10
The NY Giants lucked out a win versus Philly last week and should be 0-2 instead of 1-1 and this time around the G’ants travel across the US to take on the Seahawks and Dr. Ahcmed down at George’s Pizza on Randleman Road says Shaun Alexander is the best back in the NFL so Seattle has to win this matchup of two of the leagues top backs in Alexander and the G’s Tiki Barber. Seattle:28-21
St. Louis at Arizona, come on Cardinals you let me down last week vs. the Seahawks. Do we need to bring back Jim Hart and Roger Werhlie? St. Louis used to be the Cardinals and they had Terry Metcalf but now they are the stinkin’ Rams. Arizona:28-24
The Eagles at San Francisco to take on the 49er’s. Go with McNabb and his crew since they need an extra large bounce back game after letting that one get away with the G’ants last Sunday. Philly:35-17
Denver at New England, and there’s QB stir for the Broncos with Jake Plummer at the helm and Jake has been throwing more passes to the other team than he has to his Broncs. New England is gonna make it a tough day for Little Dug Brown and company. Patriots:28-20
Monday night the heart-strings go out to New Orleans but the best team on the field will be the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have Vick and Dunn and the Saints have Brees and Bush. The experience wins out over the youth and the Falcons will bring home the bacon. Atlanta:31-24 in OT