Ric Flair Siting in Boone/George Bush Siting on East Market Street

Ric Flair was the Host for the Appalachian State University Midnight Madness for basketball.  His daughter Ashley Fliehr plays outside hitter for the Appalachian volleyball team.  Their volleyball team had a game last Friday at 8pm and the basketball festivities followed at midnight.  Jeremy Clayton out of Smith HS plays forward for the ASU men’s basketball team.  Info sent to us from Bob Mulligan in Archdale…..

Did you know that Jerry Lawler wrestled his first singles match agaisnt Tojo Yakamoto in Memphis, Tennessee back in 1970?  Lawler’s first-ever match was a tag-team event against the Executioners with Jerry Vickers as JL’s partner and it took place in West Memphis also in 1970.  Info from the book, “It’s Good to be the King, Sometimes”, by Jerry Lawler……

Info from Andy Durham:I was standing out in front of the Food Rite Market on East Market Street when the President’s entourage drove by on Wednesday afternoon.  There were about 100 of us lined up along the street when we saw George Bush.  Believe it or not GWB yelled out the window at me, “Hey, I used to fly in to the Raleigh-Durham airport.  Are you the same Durham”?  In many ways I am the real Raleigh Durham.  Thank you……  Â