Jim Modlin’s NFL “N” SIDER Picks

Last week was a tough one for Big Jim and our our guest football expert Roch Smith.  Jim and Roch tied at 4-9 and Marshall Brown was 1-0 because he guaranteed Denver over Cleveland and Marshall will take Denver every week no matter who they are playing.(Even the Colts?)  Here we go with this week’s choices and be sure to get your selections in by noon on Sunday and just drop them in the box below.

Houston at Tennessee(Houston) Bring back the Oilers….

Arizona at Green Bay(Green Bay) Brett Farve runs a chainsaw

Baltimore at New Orleans(Baltimore) Saints #1 NFL South

San Francisco at Chicago(Chicago) Bears last unbeaten team?

Seattle at Kansas City(Kansas City) Write your own…

Atlanta at Cincinnati(Cincinnati) Write your own…..

Tampa Bay at N.Y. Giants(N.Y. Giants) Eli’s here, Big Deal….

Jacksonville at Philadelphia(Philadelphia) Have a cheesesteak

St. Louis at San Diego(San Diego) Tory Holt and Phillip Rivers

N.Y. Jets at Cleveland(Cleveland)Howard the Duck’s team wins

Indianapolis at Denver(Denver) Colts fall in the cold….

Pittsburgh at Oakland(Pittsburgh) Ben has a headache

Dallas at Carolina(Carolina) Jim picks the Panthers…..

Monday Night:New England at Minnesota(New England)

Above picks by Jim Modlin of Fitness Today and 1070 WGOS radio fame and Above crazy comments by Andy Durham a former jackass trainer…..

3 thoughts on “Jim Modlin’s NFL “N” SIDER Picks

  1. Here we go:

    Green Bay
    New Orleans
    NY Giants
    San Diego
    New England

  2. I see that you have 3 wrong, but 11-3 is good. Colts and the Bears will be 7-0 Are you even a football fan, how could you take Oak. Thats funny! I hope you don’t gamble.

  3. Here is my 14 cents worth, seeing as one penny is about all I would bet on my picks… Tenn, Ari, Balt, Chi, Sea, Atl, NYG, Phi, SD, NYJ, Den, Pit, Car, Min 38-17!

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