Jim Modlin’s NFL “N” Sider Picks

Last week Big Jim went 8-6 with his picks and he picked up some steam with each and every team for a mid-season surge.  I have heard some comments from some of the gallery about Jim’s picks but I haven’t seen any picks yet from the Big Talkers.  Lay it on the line by Sunday at 12:09 and do it this week and you will be going from out-of-the box into the comment box.  Calling all so-called Jocks, let’s hit the box, stop throwing rocks, before I clean some clocks, and you have to call your Docs, welcome to the School of Hard Knocks, where all is sacred and Unorthodox, who changed the locks and sold me stocks, it must have been the Gate City Gamecocks that got the chicken pox from ECW’s Mike Knox.  Round and Round and Round it goes, where she stops nobody knows, We better get you this week’s picks before this site blows.  And remember, Rhymin’ Jack Simon is right on time’n Bro.

Miami at Chicago(Chicago)

Atlanta at Detroit(Detroit)

Dallas at Washington(Washington)

Houston at N.Y. Giants(Giants)

Green Bay at Buffalo(Buffalo)

Kansas City at St. Louis(KC)

Cincinnati at Baltimore(Baltimore)

Tennessee at Jacksonville(Jacksonville)

New Orleans at Tampa Bay(Tampa Bay)

Minnesota at San Francisco(Minnesota)

Denver at Pittsburgh(Pittsburgh)

Cleveland at San Diego(San Diego)

Indianapolis at New England(New England)

Monday night: Oakland at Seattle(Seattle)

Last week Roch Smith of greensboro101.com was 9-5 and the new celebrity champ, Marshall Brown was 5-9(but don’t let that stop you), and Ronnie was 2-1(go for the gold and pick them all this week).  We hope others will be SENT, we need your COMMENT, so we can pay the RENT, and not have to live in a TENT with Larry FLYNT or Richard DENT.



2 thoughts on “Jim Modlin’s NFL “N” Sider Picks

  1. 9-5 wins it? You guys suck!

    Here we go for this week:

    NY Giants
    New Orleans
    San Diego

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