Butch Davis New Football Coach At North Carolina?

The Winston-Salem Journal, insidecarolina.com, and WTAR are reporting this. Bill Cole of the WS Journal says a contract has been signed.  We hope to send LJ Conroy to Chapel-Hill to check out this story. 

4 thoughts on “Butch Davis New Football Coach At North Carolina?

  1. I think Rob Shelton should be the next coach at North Carolina. He’s been on the staff at Clemson for 10 years as fantasy football offensive coordinator and he really knows the game. Bring Rob Shelton to Chapel-Hill. Coach Kirby

  2. Heck, Shelton don’t know nuttin’ about football, neither does Kirby for that matter. I know more about Football than both of those boys put together. Shelton and Kirby would want the QB to wear a dress. Where real men like me come from we run the ball with authority boys. Pass, that’s what you do at the end of every other school year. I’m too busy to come and coach the Heels so my suggestion is bring back my old bud Bill Dooley. Bill will make the folks forget about Dick Crum, Mack Brown, Carl Torbush, John Bunting, and Butch Davis. I bet cha if you bring back Bill, the crowd will even forget about old East and West “Choo Choo” Charlie Justice. Bill Dooley is the man and if you don’t get him some nursing home will, so bring back Bill. GIL

  3. Several websites are reporting that UNC is holding a pickup game of football on Thanksgiving morning to decide the next football coach. Apparently the game is to be held at Guilford College around 9 in the morning and the mvp from the winning side will be awarded the job, that is if he/she wants it…

  4. I’m honored to have my name thrown into the ring with all these great coaches. I think I’m the only fantasy team owner this year to have successfully coached their team to TWO ties! That alone qualifies me to coach the Heels in my humble opinion.

    I must however decline. Not based on my shortcomings as a coach, but because I do not I beleive I could stomach coaching a team where most fans show up disguised as aluminun seats. Of course there are those who come as actual fans, but generally they leave in the third quarter to watch the basketball team practice.

    Needless to say, I’m glad to see the UNC administration is looking outside “the family” for a coach. While I sure some of those Tar Heel greats are out there sulking at their missed opportunity, but for some reason all their identities escape me.

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