HS Football Playoffs On TW Cable

Time Warner Cable announced that it will broadcast (if you call only available on cable $$$ a broadcast) the North Carolina High School Football Championship games (all divisions) – for a total 8 games.  They will be available for Digital Tier Subscribers (read – more money).

Time Warner will also carry other High School Sports as demand allows.

Time Warner will be the exclusive “broadcast outlet” for North Carolina High School Sports.

Think of it – PAY PER VIEW for High School.  What was previously available as free on a certain channel here in Greensboro and on other television channels around the state, has now become something you must now pay to watch.  There’s nothing wrong with Time Warner’s efforts – they have stepped up to the plate offering a programming service that has an audience.  They win because it will drive viewers and advertisers to cable.  Free Over The Air Broadcasters lose because they were too busy covering things that were best covered by national sports programs.

This is another in a long line of issues that will only get more complicated when you can no longer watch free TV in 2009 when analog television is turned off.