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  1. May I make a friendly suggestion? How about some content in these posts promoting greensborohockey.com? A little description of what you’re promoting?Maybe even include a link to the site?

  2. Andy does not believe in links. If you are too lazy to type in greensborosports.com, you shouldn’t own a computer, according to Andy. Start typing!

  3. Is Andy serious about this site’s success or not? It seems like Andy is the one who is lazy and his “beliefs” are a detriment to his efforts:

    1) Links are integral to the web. It’s not the user who is lazy, it’s Andy. The impression is that whatever he wants us to see isn’t so interesting that he’s willing to create a fundemental element of the web: the hyperlink.

    2) Search Google for “Greensboro Hockey.” The site doesn’t even show up in the top 100 results. Andy must be unaware of how search engines, like Google, help people find web sites. The more links on the world wide web to a site, the higher the site will rank. Start making some links to Greensborohockey.com and a Google search for “Greensboro Hockey” might actually return results that include Greensborohockey.com.

    3) A description is a help to users. Tell us a little about what you want us to go see and we might go look. Don’t do so and the message is that the author doesn’t care too much about the content he wants us to see or the visitor he wants to entice. Would someone get on the radio and say: “Christmas parade Friday at Greensborohockey.com” with no additional info or enticement?

    It’s a difference between smart, compelling and helpful versus dumb, incomplete and difficult.

    But, what do I know?

  4. GreensboroHockey.com actually hosts the Greensboro Sports message boards. Since Andy is not a big fan of message boards, he prefers this format where folks just leave replies to things he or other Greensboro Sports staff have written. Myself, and others, have encouraged andy to put a message board here but he has resisted. As a compromise, he placed these somewhat silly, lighthearted messages about GreensboroHockey.com on here in the hopes people will post on their message baords. Bruce Bullington, GreensboroSports.com contributor, runs the message boards there. I think there is some great potential for these boards, as well as this site, if it is promoted correctly. In Andy’s defense, he is pretty set in his ways as his background is in AM radio. He puts in a lot of work here ar GreensboroSports.com but it is lile pulling teeth to convince him to take a wider view regarding the internet. That said, GreensboroSports.com has good content and you have to give Andy all the credit for that.

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