Muddy Thanksgiving Football – Our Christmas Present To You

Andy and his buddies have this thing where they go out and play every year no matter the weather.  So today as we watch some sports that play in the confines of enclosed domes and coliseums, we have to remember the fun that we can have just playing in all sorts of weather.

2 on 2 Mud Bowl

Andy On Break

Joey on Break

Joey Shouldn't Wear White

When You Get Old....

2 thoughts on “Muddy Thanksgiving Football – Our Christmas Present To You

  1. looks like you guys were mud wrestling-how come little doug didnt get dirty?he must have been the referee

  2. The Mud Bowl was the greatest game of all-time. We invited Gearld Ford but for reasons you can understand he didn’t make it this year but our thoughts are with his family. Little Doug was running so fast the mud dried on him before Kevin Colvin or JA Joey could catch him. Again this was the greatest team and four man group of Mud Bowl players ever assembled and I think the News and Record should run these pictures on their Sunday cover. This was a hard working group of football warriors.

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