The Basketball Beat

The basketball beat took to the streets of Greensboro again this weekend and if I really nail it down the basketball beat is on the street every day at  This is the sport for this time of year and if you’re not out there involved in it then you are letting your life go to waste.  It’s time to get up off your lazy butts and get the beat.  There’s nothing like the fresh January air to get the beat started and it’s all about basketball and to get it you have to get to moving.  I got it years ago and I can’t stop preaching the good virtues of exercise and sport.

To get the beat you have to take it to the street and Friday night it was Greensboro Day School versus Christ School at the Dillard Center on Lawndale Drive.  The Bengals celebrated Homecoming with a 51-42 victory over the Greenies from Asheville.  Senior Brandon Davis helped the Bengals improve to 21-1 with 17 points and Johnny Thomas added 14 for GDS.  The Bengals didn’t have long to enjoy the win because they had to turn right around and play Charlotte Country Day on Saturday but the Begals had no problem with CCD coming home with a 70-49 victory.  Travis Leonard topped the GDS effort on Saturday with 21 points and 9 of those came from behind the arc.  GDS is now 22-1 after the weekend doubleheader and they are the #1 ranked team in the state.

Paul T. Lambeth II was in Jamestown on Friday night covering Trinity-Ragsdale for Andy Durham Sports on AM 950 and PTL watched on as the Bulldogs stayed undefeated with a 57-55 victory over the Ragsdale Tigers.  Trinity is the top 3-A team in the state but I don’t think they would have a chance against Greensboro Day School.  The Bengals are the team everyone wants to beat on the Basketball Beat.

High Point Central stopped cross-town rival Andrews 75-65 on Saturday night with Jermaine Armstrong again pacing the Bison.  JA had 24 and HPC is now 18-2 and should go a long way when the state 4-A playoffs roll around.  I have watched HPC play a couple of times now and they would match up well with Greensboro Day School but the Bengals would still win out.  Brandon Davis of GDS had nothing but good things to say about Coach K from HPC and Brandon said he hopes K will put together another AAU team this coming summer so he can run the floor as teammates with Jermaine Armstrong.

I have a new-found respect for the women’s basketball around here after doing another broadcast on AM 950 for the UNCG Lady Spartans on Saturday afternoon.  Coach Lynn Agee’s squad knocked off So-Con #1 Davidson 78-55 and at one point in the game UNCG was up by 31.  Jasmine Byrd with 24 and KaLeah Latham with 18 points and 11 rebounds were most impressive in the win over the Wildcats.  I want to get a one-on-one game with Kristen Boone the Lady Spartans’ point guard.  I know she’s tough but I need to know how this kid thinks and how well she can really play.  I respect Boone’s game and she definitely has a pass-first, shoot-second mind set.

The Basketball Beat took to the court on Sunday afternoon at Forrest Valley Court and with the cool January air feeling good blowing through our ears, the weather wasn’t going to stop the game-of-the-week.  Doug Brown was there and we decided since the high school kids that showed up were afraid to take us on that maybe a little full court one-on-one might be in offering.  I loved it.  Great exercise running up and down the concrete surface and even though Brown was falling down before the game was over he proved that there are some young guys that still have it.  This kid could still go and when the basketball was finished we were running pass routes with the football filling the air.  I can go full-speed, all-out for 8 hours a day and I wish I had the chance to do it but I will have to settle for regular daily workouts and continued stops on the Basketball Beat. 

Nobody does it like Dr. D, Andy Durham and I am serious about that game versus Kristen Boone of UNCG.  I need to study the players and  analyze their game to help them all get a full appreciation of the life and times on the Basketball Beat.  I hope Jim Modlin will weigh in and give us some details on the Guilford College-Virginia Wesleyan game(he says he was there) and that Doug Cockman(former writer) will weigh in here at the comment box and give us some quick ACC feedback.  That Clemson-Virginia game was ugly on Sunday.  Virginia couldn’t even beat Appalachian and UNCG beat Appalachian.  Clemson should be ashamed losing that way at home against UVA.