Are We Wrong?

This has been a crazy week at  What started out as an attempt to pass along some news and to add in a thought about the end result turned into good thing, bad thing, basic conversation, it’s getting hot in here, graphic details, and then the idea came about to create a memorial or tribute if you will.

Well we may have been wrong to let the tragic events surrounding Casey Bokhoven’s death turn into a three-ring-circus here on the web site but that was not the intention.  Never before have so many people weighed in on a subject and today one poster summed up the thoughts many are sharing.

“I didn’t want to come back to this site but I keep finding myself here”.  The more I read those comments the more I see Casey Bokhoven.  I saw his picture in the paper back on Monday morning and now his image wearing that cap is in my mind to stay.  I saw a kid(a guy in his mid-twenties probably) crossing the street this morning and he was wearing a cap and he made me think of Casey.  The more you read the comments, the more you feel like you know the family and you can see Casey wearing that cap with a smile on his face.  I don’t know the family, but I respect them.

Were we wrong for getting invovled in this story?  What’s done is done, but if something good can come out of this, where people had to the chance to express their feelings, then we all have learned an important lesson.

Sometimes something good can come out of something bad and even when the bad comes in you can turn it around and make something good out of it and I hope that’s what will happen.  I will not mention the people that were in the vehicle, because our thoughts need to be with Casey and his family right now, time will take care of the rest.

If you’ve had a bad experience here at this week then I hope we can turn things around and we will do better.  Are We Wrong?  Only Time Will Tell.