Bob Knight is Washed Up:Is it time to pass on the clipboard?

Thursday’s loss was the sixth first-round exit for Bob Knight in his past 10 NCAA tournaments.  You may say Bob Knight didn’t lose the game over at the Lawrence Joel Coliseum in Winston-Salem, his players did.  Don’t you know Knight was reminding them about the 84-75 loss to Boston College even before the game was over.

Texas Tech can’t hang with the BC Eagles and Knight gets more pub by losing than some coaches will receive for winning their conference championship.

Why is Knight still hanging around?  He has already passed Dean Smith on the all-time win list.  Knight’s teams will win 20 games per season but Bobby Knight’s overall act is getting old.

They say Knight is going fishing, I wish he would fish on into the 2007/2008 season.  Bobby Knight says he’s not finished coaching, I say it’s time to pass on the clipboard and give somebody else a chance.  We need to be building up new younger coaches in the college game and it’s time to say Good-Night to Bobby Knight.

12 thoughts on “Bob Knight is Washed Up:Is it time to pass on the clipboard?

  1. Give this man some horses like Roy’s and he goes undefeated. Didn’t he just pass Dean a few month’s ago. Man, that dude should have just hung it up after right the game where he broke the record. No sense in coaching out the season or being there for the players you recruited. And who really give a rats behind about Texas Tech basketball anyway. Isn’t that a shade better than Duke Football. Face it. The media’s love to hate fest with Knight has made TT basketball what it is.

  2. I can’t beleive someone would finally stand up and tell the truth about Bobby Knight. This man makes my blood boil. He is washed up as a coach, why does
    he keep coming to the tournament and then get the boot in the first round.
    The media, they are afraid of Knight and they have always given him a
    free pass. They have him on their TV and radio shows and tell him how great
    he is. I know he’s the all-time winningest coach and I’m surprised he isn’t
    taking credit for inventing the ball he’s been around so long. I met him once
    at a public event and little kid there wanted his autograph, I’d say the kid
    was 6 0r 7 yrs. old and Knight said I’m not signing that poster and the kid
    started crying. Knight said, oh I was only playing around. The little kid’s parents didn’t seem too pleased and stormed out of the place. Bobby Knight
    is a jackass and thanks for putting him in his place. I’ve seen his act in
    New York, Indiana, and in Texas and it’s about time for his show to be over
    and to put Knight out on a long pier with a short pole.
    Night-Night to Bobby Knight.

  3. I don’t care much for Bob Knight either. Knight has always been a self-centerd SOB. I can’t say too much more about Knight but I tell you after reading all the comments at this blog or web site this week I feel like I need to go get drunk this weekend. I will not drive home, again I will not drink and drive but after going over all these statements that have been flying around here this week I need to tie one on. If you care to join me I’ll be at Applebee’s on Battleground and I’m not driving and I hope you don’t either, we can all call a Cab.

  4. Like the person before me said you give Knight Roys talent and he would be in the Final Four every year, he is still the best coach in the game today he just cannot get the talent in Texas, NEVER has a problem with any violations with Knight, his players graduate he is GREAT for the game we need more like him, you never read about his players in the police report he recruits great kids and he teaches them to be good men stay as long as you can Coach Knight.

  5. Bob Knight is a threat to society when he goes on his tirades. I would not want to be close to Knight when he explodes and how could anyone trust their son to be left under his watch. To even mention Bob Knight and Dean Smith in the same sentence is absurd. Knight just stuck around so he could beat Dean’s record. Dean Smith is a man of class and Bob Knight is also a man of class but leave out the cl. Look at the products that come out of Knight’s camp. Steve Alford goes ballistic, Scott May wanted to hide up in a tree so he could watch practice while his son Sean was at UNC but there have been no complaints about the job Roy Williams is doing. Roy Williams is undefeated so far in the ACC and NCAA tornaments and where is Robert Montgomery Knight? Probably out in his stockade digging for worms.

  6. If I remember correctly Roy got caught giving gifts to his players at Kansas when they graduated which is illegal but when he got caught he said he did not know, with the General there is never a problem with the rules that is why he should stay.

  7. Coach Knight can be a “SOB”, but I don’t think anyone can say he isn’t a great coach. If he had what Carolina has this year he would probably be undefeated. Maybe he can’t get back to final four yet, but where was Texas Tech before he got there? A lot worse off than they are now. He was and is great for the game and there will never be another coach like him. Most people hate him just because he tells it like it is…

  8. Coach Williams is still coaching and the Heels are still playing. Where are the other ACC teams? Home sleeping and playing in the second-rate NIT. Last time I heard anything from Bob Knight he was in the back seat of some lady’s car trying to sneak into the tournament. Rob, Marshall, and Greg are just upset becasuse they can’t hang with the Heels. See ya in the Sweet 16.

  9. I don’t think we were trying to knock Roy or the Heels. My statement was simply made respecting the winningest coach ever in Div I basketball, Bob Knight. Jerk or not, he gets the most out of his players. I used North Carolina players as an example because they are probably the most talented and deepest team in the region, if not the country.

    I’m glad to see that Heels Grads/Fans are having a succesful year after playing second fiddle to Duke for so long. The manager a Jack in the Box here in Duncan, SC had his UNC flags flying high on his 4-runner this morning. Good luck guys!

  10. Jay Bilas a Duke star back in the 80’s and now CBS analyst said North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough was one of the toughest all-around players he has ever seen. Many basketball fans consider Bilas to be at the top of his game when it comes to breaking down basketball talent. Bilas just kept going on about how hard Hansbrough was working in the paint and how he battles to get the best possible position when establishing his spot in the lane. Hansbrough should be 1st team All-America and can you believe the job he did at the foul line. Loose the mask and Tyler takes over. Roy Williams has done a great job of coaching this bunch and has been able to keep everybody fairly happy including Rayshawn Terry. Ty Lawson had an almost flawless game against Michigan State. “He’s a tough little nut”, said Coach Willams in today’s News and Record. The Heels are young but they are deep and I think Coach Williams has got his rotation together. I don’t know much about Bob Knight and I haven’t seen much in the papers about him lately. Most of the news coming out is about the teams still in the tournament. I did see a cute headline on NC State and their run in the ACC tournament, it read “Sweet and Lowe”. Not bad but I like “Sweet 16 and the Heels are for Real”, that’s my favorite. Eat your heart out John Kilgo because Davidson is done and you’re working for the Wildcats because the Heels won’t have you. I was listening to you making all those mistakes on 790 the Ball the other day and you haven’t changed a bit. So long John, hello QCB.

    The UNC grad I mentioned is actually the assistant manager at the Jack in the Box in Duncan (not manager). He was there for the championship run in 1993. He was pretty stoked when I spoke to him today.

  12. Bob Knight needs to back off and let Roy Williams and the other coaches do their thing. Williams is ready to let his Tar Heels roll and if I was watching out for another team it would be Ohio State. Thad Matta is one heck of a coach and now that the Buckeyes have survived the early rounds they are a team to watch. I wanted to see the North Carolina-Texas matchup but the Longhorns proved again they can’t get it done and that Kevin Durant wasn’t going to take them any furthur than Darian Durant. Kevin Durant is gone to Boston and it’s back to the drawing board for coach Rick Barnes. The Celtics have already made a down payment on K. Durant so they better make sure they get him and what about the couple of the week? Danny Ainge sitting beside Durant’s mom at the Texas-USC game, Ainge looked like he had found himself a new momma and he will be the Sugar Daddy.

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