Bob Knight is Washed Up:Is it time to pass on the clipboard?

Thursday’s loss was the sixth first-round exit for Bob Knight in his past 10 NCAA tournaments.  You may say Bob Knight didn’t lose the game over at the Lawrence Joel Coliseum in Winston-Salem, his players did.  Don’t you know Knight was reminding them about the 84-75 loss to Boston College even before the game was over.

Texas Tech can’t hang with the BC Eagles and Knight gets more pub by losing than some coaches will receive for winning their conference championship.

Why is Knight still hanging around?  He has already passed Dean Smith on the all-time win list.  Knight’s teams will win 20 games per season but Bobby Knight’s overall act is getting old.

They say Knight is going fishing, I wish he would fish on into the 2007/2008 season.  Bobby Knight says he’s not finished coaching, I say it’s time to pass on the clipboard and give somebody else a chance.  We need to be building up new younger coaches in the college game and it’s time to say Good-Night to Bobby Knight.