The Women are taking over

The ACC had 7 mens teams when the NCAA tournament started but now they are down to one team remaining in the Sweet 16.  The North Carolina Tar Heels are the only team left and it is not a huge surprise that the Heels are still there, but what about the other ACC teams?  How is it that the ACC got blind-sided and all the men are now at home with their seasons’ complete?

At least we have three mens teams left in the NIT(Clemson, Florida State, and N.C. State).  The women on the other hand are battling it out again tonight with 3 of the big four womens clubs still in the hunt.

Duke, North Carolina, and N.C. State all have their womens teams remaining in the NCAA tournament.  Maryland is still chasing dreams of a second national title.  The women are out-lasting the men.

Are the men seeing their basketball product being watered down by all the movement to the NBA?  What has happened to the ACC men?  There was plenty of talk swirling around about Duke, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Maryland, and Boston College.  They are all finished and it is up to the women and the men in the NIT to carry on and if North Carolina is able to make it the NCAA finals we will be watching Brandon Wright and Tyler Hansbrough for a final time and then they will be on to the NBA and who knows Ty Lawson may jump ship too if he continues to have a good tournament.

Tuesday’s News and Record( showed the projections of who might be gone on the college ranks and there may be quite a few players on the way to the NBA.

The women are taking over and if you don’t watch out they may be playing the Womens Final Four in the Greensboro Coliseum in the near future.  When Brad or Chris Daugherty puts on the free concert downtown then you know something big is about to happen and the women are now taking over the city and at least the ACC will still have a shot at the National Championship.

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  1. Hey what about the lost Boy Scout that was found today? Why haven’t you covered that at all? I mean, the kid had on a UNC hat on, didn’t he? That alone should make this sports worthy! Would have given you an excuse to post something positive for a change. Maybe we should start discussing conspiracy theories as to where this guy was hiding the whole time?

    Great ending to what was looking more and more like a tragedy with every passing moment. Kudos to the professionals and volunteers who helped bring him home!

    Oh yeah, and as for the posting, the ACC definately laid an egg. With three 4-5 matchups, there was an 88% chance that another team would have made it given a coin flip scenario. In the immortal words of Han Solo…..

    “Never tell me the odds!”

  2. It’s a good thing the Lost Boy Scout did not become the Last Boy Scout. I agree, when I heard the news while I was doing some shopping at the Food Rite Market on E. Market Street, I was very excited. It is good to hear of a missing child situation like this turn out with a happy ending. The Lost Boy Scout made national news for several days and how long was he gone? Say four days or more. The word is the kid was last seen alone with a male scout leader right before he was reported missing and that a scout being left alone with a male leader is now a major violation of the Boy Scout by-laws concerning the Code of Conduct. All of that a side I am very happy the young boy was found and that he was safe. In previous years I have read stories about scouts and even scout leaders getting lost and even though they were trained, they were unable to survive because they couldn’t even start the fire. They continued trying but they started crying and ended up dieing or something like that. In this case the kid from Greensboro is safe and as Paul Harvey used to say, that’s good news. Long live the Boy Scouts of America and that’s your positive spin for the day. Tonight is Lady’s Night for the ACC in the NCAA’s and let’s Pull for the Pack in the NIT.

  3. I hope the troop, the local and national scouting authorities don’t lose sight of the two deep leadership issue, as well as, any paperwork and logistical inproporities surrounding this situation. Troop 230 has a rich and celebrated history due to its exceptional adult and youth leadership. I expect they will correct whatever faults have been uncovered in both a quick and thorough manner.

    I remember that great Billy Joel tune, “Chan couldn’t start the fire” very well. But nobody dies in that one, and thankfully not in this one either.

  4. Paperwork, signatures, medical forms, trip logs, park registrations, etc…etc. However, it looks as if the only thing that would have kept this kid from getting lost is if they had chained him down. Last time I looked, chaining someone is still a human rights violation (Unless your’re Marv Albert). All in all, I expect any fallout to minor. Especially since this thing ended the best way it could.

    Good thing he wasn’t wearing a DUIke hat, or else they might have hired some strippers for their Friday night campfire.

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