Carr comes off as Confident or Cocky?

I’m sure you’ve seen the Tolly Carr church video by now and what did you see?  Does Carr come off as Confident or Cocky?  TC seemed a bit brash to me and it was like he was saying that he would need many prayers and that he was going to be in a HUGE financial hole.  Was he asking the church members for money? 

Tolly will need those prayers and don’t you know many words of support have gone up on his behalf but what I didn’t hear was an apology to Casey Bokhoven’s family.  TC said he was sorry to Carr’s mom and his grandmother and that he had let them down but I didn’t hear him saying that he had also ended Casey Bokhoven’s life and ruined Casey’s family.

It came across as if Tolly was saying I messed up my life, but I wasn’t hearing him saying how much he messed up things up for so many other people too.  Maybe I was missing something, what do you think?  I know you’ve seen the video by now.  Tolly seemed confident given the circumstances but did he come across as brash or cocky?

What about the lady who was in the car with Carr, or should I say the lady who was in the truck with Carr?  Has anyone heard anything more about her condition and why wasn’t she driving?  I was just curious and thought that we might hear from some of you now that this video has hit the airwaves.