Carr comes off as Confident or Cocky?

I’m sure you’ve seen the Tolly Carr church video by now and what did you see?  Does Carr come off as Confident or Cocky?  TC seemed a bit brash to me and it was like he was saying that he would need many prayers and that he was going to be in a HUGE financial hole.  Was he asking the church members for money? 

Tolly will need those prayers and don’t you know many words of support have gone up on his behalf but what I didn’t hear was an apology to Casey Bokhoven’s family.  TC said he was sorry to Carr’s mom and his grandmother and that he had let them down but I didn’t hear him saying that he had also ended Casey Bokhoven’s life and ruined Casey’s family.

It came across as if Tolly was saying I messed up my life, but I wasn’t hearing him saying how much he messed up things up for so many other people too.  Maybe I was missing something, what do you think?  I know you’ve seen the video by now.  Tolly seemed confident given the circumstances but did he come across as brash or cocky?

What about the lady who was in the car with Carr, or should I say the lady who was in the truck with Carr?  Has anyone heard anything more about her condition and why wasn’t she driving?  I was just curious and thought that we might hear from some of you now that this video has hit the airwaves.


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  1. I was not pleased with Mr. Carr’s comments. I found Tolly Carr to more concerned about his own current problems than he was about the trouble and pain he caused the Bokhoven family. All Carr cares about is himself and he needs to reach out to the family he destroyed. I wish the mystery woman that was in the vehicle with Carr, I wish she would tell us something. If she is ready to talk I feel like she will come here like all the others have done. This is a very perplexing situation. All of the focus is still on Carr and none on the kid that was killed and the fact that he has no future. Maybe Tolly should tell his mom and grandmother to be praying for Casey’s family too.

  2. The thing that really bothers about this situation is why they have not charged Tolly Carr with manslaughter at the least and maybe even third degree murder.Is there some reason why he is above the law?He had obviously been drinking and anyone else whether they were drunk or not would have been behind bars.As far as the tape of him in his church it seemed to me he was trying to get some money from the church members. I wonder how this would have played out if the roles had been reversed?

  3. The church service video that I saw on FOX 8 TV looked like an infomercial for Tolly Carr if you ask me. Carr comes across strong on television and that will work on the emotions of many of the faithful black church members and the other viewers as well. Was this “FREE” TV time used as a fundraiser for TC? The footage borders on FCC thin ice.

  4. Has anything been confirmed about Tolly Carr’s court date or have they released his blood-alcohol level? I have heard that Tolly refused several of the blood tests and that he was very rude to the arresting officers. Some of the media are saying he will walk away a free man with just some sort of probationary status. Can a church legally prop up a convicted felon even if he is on probation? Would this endanger a church’s tax-exempt status? I can almost see a Deion Sanders type moment developing here where the bad man becomes the good man and leads the lost sheep but the sheep have had the wool pulled over their eyes.

  5. Wasn’t Deion Sanders’ minister the Reverend TD Jakkes out of Dallas, Texas?  TD Jakkes and TC Carr? 

  6. This video certainly reinforced the idea that Tolly seems to be more concerned with Tolly that with the Bokhoven family. It is a real shame but I don’t think Tolly will have to serve the “hard time” many of Casey’s supporters want him to. I personally know of the Rev. TD Jakkes and I don’t imagine Rev. Jakkes supports this kind of behavior.

  7. Did anyone else hear something about Fjola Wilson (passenger in the car) actually being Aixa Diaz? I’m not sure how often they use aliases on the news, but a co-worker said he actually read it somewhere. I saw her on the news tonight and the only time she was on camera was about 5 seconds and she was very far away from the camera, up on some steps.
    Otherwise, Tolly’s pleading on the video in the church I think was disgusting, and either he shouldn’t have said it or he should not have let it been released to the media. Pretty shameless to me.


    Looks like she’s a real person here. Under her real name too.

    Vehicular manslaughter and DWI, worst case for Tolly. Two years in prison, max. More likely one year.

    All this energy really needs to be focused on making stricter DWI laws in this state. The precedent here does not call for 2nd degree murder, mainly due to the lack of malice. Lets look at the broader situation here and bring harsher consequences to drunk drivers in the future.

    As Tolly said, anger never fulfilled anyone’s needs. I hope he takes that to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Skip Alston and Earl Jones. They need to quit hate’n on Whiteys like me.

  9. Did anyone see Jim Longwalk’s commmentary in last week’s Yes Weekly? He came down very hard on TC.

  10. All these comments about Tolly Carr’s behavior is sickening; any behavioral psychoanalyst would tell you his behaviors shows he is NOT ready to deal with the facts of his actions in the forefront of his conscience thinking. If he constantly concentrate on and think about the death of CaseyBokhoven, and all the fatal injuries he received, crushed skull, etc. , a person mentally just can NOT handle those kind of constant thoughts. Tolly is not a vicious criminal, as some of the people in different blogs write that he is. He made a serious and deadly mistake getting behind the wheel of that truck drunk. A major mistake, with no premeditated intention to do harm to himself, or anyone. He was not in his right mind at the time. We all know of some drunk that refuses to give up the keys when asked. That’s why you take the keys from them anyway, hide the keys when you see they are excessively drinking and getting out of control of their senses. They all say they can drive. You never listen to someone who has been heavily drinking. We all know that. Some of the comments in the blogs are real scary. People want to crucify him like they did Jesus on the cross. Tolly would not be able to function at all, and maybe truely consider/ attempt suicide (like the rumor that went around for a day), if he constantly think about how he took that very young man’s life. I’m sure the tremendous guilt he is caring is overwhelming. The thought of taking another person’s life. Tolly, in time will ask the Bokhoven family, and friends for true, honest, remorseful forgiveness; but first he has to forgive himself. HE HAS NOT DONE THAT YET. The death of Casey will be with him until he take his last breath on this earth. The public needs to lighten up with their selfish opinions, and pray not only for the Bokhoven family, but also Tolly and his family. Then most of all pray for each other. We all need healing time.

  11. the woman in the car with him is just as bad. she knew him and could have told him not to drive. she just didnt care enough. now a young guys head went under the tires of the vehicle she was riding in all because she wouldnt speak up because she wanted to hang around a typical guy who is self dstructive with alcohol.

    yay party! whooo hoo!

  12. MC, the bloggers did not crush Casey’s skull. Mr. Carr did. And you find us disgusting? We are typing in a free, open forum. Not killing anyone. Is it because Mr. Carr is a television personality that you can see him as a suffering victim instead of the perpetrator? Or is it another reason?
    Since you are ready to express knowledge of psychology, here is the other side of an analysis of Carr. Sociopathic Personality Disorder or Narcissism. There have been plenty of professionals who have made those judgements (ooooh, judgement, that politically incorrect, nonCOMPASSIONATE word. I must be REALLY sickening) about TC. More than any that would be inclined to come up with an inability -to -face -his -consequences -reaction scenario. The victim’s (not TC) family do not need to “get over and through the phase of their anger so they can forgive me’. Tolly Carr, you do not get to dictate a family’s grief to make it more comfortable for you. Nor will we stand for you minimizing it. You are just not that important.
    And MC, you don’t seem to be sickened by Tolly Carr’s rush to judgement of a family’s pain as a phase, thereby inferring they were making SUCH a big deal out of a simple accident. And yes, he did infer that. If the tables were turned and Casey had negligently caused the manslaughter of Tolly, and Casey had uttered those Tolly Carr phrases, you would be in an uproar.
    I don’t care how many celebrity pastors this man can entice to qualify him (without once mentioning the victim, who was, inconveniently, of a different skin color than the congregation). Before anyone gets into a tizzy of the mention of the “eek, gasp” race utterances, hold on to your righteous rage. It sure as hell did matter to that church that TC is black and Casey was not. There. I’ve said it. Go ahead and have a liberal meltdown. But you may just be surprised at what color my skin is. Does not matter anyway. A non apology is a non-apology, period.
    If Tolly Carr had once shown true remorse into a live broadcast that he had premeditated and chosen to make, I would be willing to accept his tears as real and not as crocodile tears for his own personal losses.
    What, the broadcast was not premeditated? He knew exactly what he was doing and had planned in advance what he would say. The broadcast was spontaneous? Yes, it was just as humanly spontaneous as drinking and driving.

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