Say it ‘aint so, Sidney Lowe

The charges facing Sidney Lowe II will nearly blow you away.  Lowe II is up against the 30 year clock with felony aiding and abeting an attempted armed robbery; two counts of possesion of a weapon on educational property; possesion with intent to sell and deliver marijuana; possesion of one-half to one and a half ounces of marijuana; maintaining a dwelling for keeping and selling a controlled substance; and three counts of possesion of stolen goods and property.  These charges are in relation to the shooting at UNCG back on Saturday and come from the campus police.

The Greensboro police have charged Lowe II with a home invasion that occured on West Friendly Avenue.  There are 13 charges related to that incident including kidnapping, armed robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon.

A semiautomatic assault rifle was recovered at Lowe II’s home on Carly’s Way in Greensboro.  The bond for SL II has been set at $450,000 according to his attorney Locke Clifford.

Sidney Lowe II is in school at NC A&T and he is listed as being a member of the Junior class.

The Big Question for you is this, “What’s a guy got to do to get a good education these days”?

Much of the information on this blog came from the reports in the Wednesday News and Record.  To learn more go to 

What will happen to young Sidney Lowe II? 


27 thoughts on “Say it ‘aint so, Sidney Lowe

  1. This is what happens when kids are left to grow up on their own. I sure that Lowe Sr. was on the road all time with the NBA teams while Lowe II was growing up.
    The kid probably didn’t have a dad there for him and he got it done his own way.
    I know the Lowe family didn’t lack for money but was there quality time spent togehter as family unit. I hope they get their problems worked out but it looks pretty bad if you’re asking me. If I had kids at UNCG I would really be upset that a man came into the dorm and they tried to kill someone. I thought UNCG was running a tight ship but it looks like the Titanic at least for that one afternoon when Lowe and his buddy came into the dorm and shot a guy. Is it getting violent and rough around the Triad or is it jsut me. Look at all this mess we’ve seen in the past few weeks.

  2. Sid’s son is making his daddy look bad and the kid don’t even know and I go a feeling he don’t care. If I was the old man I’d disown the boy, he did some things that are unbelievable. What’s wrong with these kids today?

  3. I don’t think it is fair to say this is what happens when kids are left to grow up on their own. First of all, none of us know what kind of homelife he grew up in. Also, is no one supposed to take a job as a coach, or persue any kind of career that takes up a lot of time? That is just life sometimes and people have to deal with it and do the best they can. He may very well be a great father, stuff like this just happens sometimes. I don’t think it is fair to blame the father without knowing the situation. He is old enough to know better so he should be the one blamed.

  4. I really think kids like this are a danger to society and you need to lock them up and throw away the key. This Lowe kid has had everything handed to him and he contiunes to get more and more opportunities to be a threat to society. He has been in trouble numerous times and even spent time at the Oak Ridge Military Academy and that didn’t do him any good. It’s about time for this kid to do HARD TIME. I personally think the father Lowe Sr. has been looking the other way hoping his son would grown up on his own and he did. The kid turned into a monster and you better keep your doors locked if he is out on bail and I for one don’t want him coming through my neighborhood.

  5. Hey people, don’t drop the bomb on Lowe II until you know all the news. I don’t believe all these trumped up charges are true. I’ll have more “REAL” news coming your way soon. “The Flea”, fron NC A&T

  6. Hey Flea, put up or shut up!

    This is just another case of adult children of “well to do” or “not so well to do” families not being able to make it. I’m not saying that Sidney Sr. enabled this kid, but it sure does look like the same substance of Andy Reid’s kids’ problems.

    Good to see that A&T suspended this kid immediately pending a judicial review. Between terrorist graduates and this mess, things aren’t looking too bright over on East Market.

    My opinion is this. Sidney Jr. is not unlike a number of youngsters today who caudled by their parents, even after they have left the nest. This pampering does nothing to instill the necessary drive in these individuals to make in “The Real World.” I think my biggest concern here, other than the attempted murder part, is that these worthless individuals are becoming more and more prevelant in our society as parents continue to enable their lack of growth. Its not a matter of them finding jobs, or getting an education, for them, its when will Mommy and Daddy float me my next check so I can pay my bills, get my car fixed, play my next video game or get my next high.

  7. I am in support of Coach Lowe and his family. I watched Sidney Lowe play ball back when he was in college. I work in the cafeteria at NC A&T and I will support anything that involves Aggie Pride and we still have that for Sidney’s son. Sid’s boy was suspended but he was not expelled. I will say this and I mean it, I agree with the Flea. R. Brown has “Aggie Pride” and if you live and work in Greensboro you should too and if you don’t live in Greensboro you got no business running your mouth and that includes Jerry Bledsoe. I hope that Jerry Bledsoe and the Rhino Times keep their noses out of this investgation. The Carolina Peacemaker will present the news like it should be reported and that’s all I have to say today. Ruby Brown NC A&T University and in support of Sidney’s family.

  8. How about we start a poll? Who serves more jail time, Tolly Carr or Sidney Lowe II? Over or Under 10 years?
    This may sound like cruel and unusual conversation but the creative juices started flowing and I feel certain many of you are wondering the same thing. I’ve heard Carr goes for 2, will Lowe II go for 5 or more?

  9. I’m kinda wondering what the Carolina Peacemaker’s take will be on the Lawyer hired by the Lowes. I mean, why continue to cater to “The Man” and hire Locke Clifford? Was Kenny Free not available? Come on Sidney, was there not a NCCU graduate who could have handled this case? Aggies got to stick together on this one. Word.

  10. I spoke with the Carolina Peacemaker but the Kilimanjaro’s were not in the office today. Rob, you are starting to sound like Archie Griffin Bunker so while we are talking “All in the Family”, what about former Auburn Tiger: Lawyer Tillman or Washington Huskie/New England Patriot-Buffalo Bill-Atlanta Falcon:Lawyer Milloy? Word Up.

  11. Maybe Tamarick Vanover, Bam Morris, Michael Irvin or Jamal Lewis would be better players to refer to in this discussion?

    I’m still ticked that one of my friends was turned away from working at the Carolina Peacemaker because of his skin color. That in itself should speak for the credibility of that news source.

  12. What will happen to young Sidney Lowe II? What about those of us in the dorm where the gun shots went flying? I have no sympathy for someone who is part of an attempted murder. I have friends that were in the dorm where the shots were fired and they are talking about getting guns to keep on campus at UNCG because they don’t feel safe at school any more. That in and of itself worries me. I think Carr and Lowe should both get 10 years or more. It’s not a black thing or a white thing, it’s just getting frecking scary out here no matter who or where you are. As far as the legal system goes my daddy always said we could use some Texas Justice around here.

  13. All this talk is starting to make me sick. If these guys(CARR and LOWE) weren’t black they wouldn’t even be on the news and in the papers. Since they are black the media is coming on like gangbusters and making them out to be some kind of premeditated hoodlums man. These were not pre-planned crimes. Things just broke open in an instant. Everything happened so fast, but the way all of this talk is going Carr and Lowe will probably get 25-30 years each. Give me a break. I’d hate to be on trial with some of you people on the jury. Those two white women that molested those young black boys down in South Carolina will probably get Doctors degrees in Health Education. As I’ve said at this web site before, what’s a brother to do? JJ Jefferson from a depressed state.

  14. Um, Dude, yeah they would have. How bout Andy Reid’s kids. At least Sid Jr. and Tolly are keep’n it real, right? Real stupid that is.

    What’s a brother to do? How bout the right thing? It worked for Spike Lee.

  15. Hey R-O-B, I am the Flea from NC A&T and I don’t give a p-o-o-t what you say about me. But don’t go cracking on my Family Tree. “The Flea” from NC A&T

  16. Marshall Brown is on the right path with his comments, MB is on the money. Rob the Rebel Rouser is trying to break us down. The Flea thinks he is on to something but I say he is on something. Andy ought to be locked up for letting all these nutts come in here.

    Put away the guns, don’t drink and drive, just Do The Right Thing. DTRT

  17. Sir or mam, often times Do the right thing is easier said than done. DTRT can become DIRT.

  18. I don’t think you can compare what is going down with Sid’s son and Tolly at all. Tolly was a dumb*** and accidently killed an innocent kid. Lowe II did not just “fall into” what he did. I think that Lowe II should spend some time close to his father in Raleigh (off Western Blvd @ Central Prison) for the next 10-15 years. By then, maybe Lowe II will have learned from his mistakes and Sid will have another National Championship Banner hanging in the RBC Center for the Wolfpack.

  19. Both of the young men broke the law and we have to make sure they get the proper punsihment. Anybody that’s pushing for NC State, well we’ve got a place for them out on the county farm in McLeansville. How do we know that this Rob Lowe fella that keeps bad mouthing my good friends Locke Clifford and Ken Free, how do we know that this Rob Lowe fella isn’t one of Sidney Lowe’s other sons. It’s starting to look like an inside job here on the sports blog to me and my staff. Keep that in mind folks and have a safe weekend.

  20. Yo, BJ….
    How have I bad mouthed either of those fine attorneys? Locke’s daughter is an old friend of mine, and Kenny caught the longest pass ever (tied) in high school history. The only thing that concerns me here is the blind following Sid Jr. seems to have attracted. Why would people sit here a defend Sid Jr. just because he is a student at A&T? A&T suspended this idiot because he doesn’t have the necessary attributes to be an Aggie. We don’t need a young man like this representing our university.

    I waited for the Carolina Peacemaker’s take on this today and by reading their release, you wouldn’t even know that Sidney Lowe Jr. did anything. That right, not a single word regarding this event. Is this journalism at its best? Not even close. I would put the Carolina Peacemakers contribution to this on par with Sid Jr.’s.

    The rest of you can quit putting words in my mouth and realize that every controversial thing I have stated has been in response to some ignorant individuals’ posts. Bob Jones and the rest you need to pull your heads out of the sand and do the right thing.

  21. Hey Rob, We all know that you are a white dude. Whats with all this “We” crap? I am a true Aggie as I attended A&T for a couple years. Bet you can’t say the same! Gotcha!

  22. Please put your requirements on here that would qualify me to be an Aggie. Would I just need to take a class on campus, or would my whiteness require me to have a full fledged degree? Could I be a professor, or a visiting professor? Or could I just be a fan, like so many of the Tar Heels in this state? Just make simple list. Then we can begin to discount those who do not qualify.

  23. Guns on campus. That does not sound good to me. We need to listen to what Ruby Brown and the Flea were saying. They seem to be true Peacemakers.

    We need to all go to a good church on Sunday and pray for SL II, TC, and LD.

    To qualify that is Sidney Lowe II, Tolly Carr, and Larry Davis. Meet me at NC A&T, it is the place to be. We are all Aggies.

  24. Rob – My requirements are pretty damn simply….if YOU had went to A&T like myself, you, would be an AGGIE. Did you go to A&T? I doubt it. If you did, then I apoligize. From reading your posts, I also doubt you were a visiting professor. You would not last 10 minutes on A&T’s campus with your attitude towards Afro-Americans. Can I suggest you read Reverend Sharpton’s book about race relationals in this country…it just might change your thinking.

  25. was on WXII TV 12 Saturday night at 11pm. They showed comments from the Tolly Carr/Casey Bokhoven blog. UNCG vs. NC A&T at FHP(First Horizon Park) this Tuesday at 6pm. I want to see the Flea, Rob, and LD in the House. Look for the table in the concourse. AD

  26. Please understand, I have no issues with african americans and just because I disagree with certain individuals or organizations does not warrant your accusations of racism. I am a magna cum laude graduate of North Carolina A&T State University (Spring 97) and will defend the school an education I received at all costs.

    The Sid Jr. issue and support for him due to “Aggie Pride” enrages me. We as Aggies should be proud for the worthwhile citizens we have attending the university and graduates we have representing our university out in the workforce. We should show “Aggie Pride” by supporting those who represent us in manner that enriches the pride we wish to project. Those individuals who bring shame upon this university should not be blindly protected under “Aggie Pride” slogan. While I think we all hope these people will get their lives back on track, it is in the best interests of the current students and the university to separate themselves from these selfish individuals and for them to continue their growth elsewhere.

    As far as me not making it 10 minutes on campus, I can truly say that despite my political leanings, my classmates and I held mutual respect for the skills we brought to the table as interested students seeking a worthwhile education. The majority of us actually graduated and are now successfully navigating the professional ranks. It is my belief that they would agree with my assessment of cutting Sid Jr. lose and restoring the shine to this campus and community.

    Your apology is accepted. I’m sure that in the future you will keep a more open mind when making baseless comments regarding race and school affiliation.

  27. I agree with Rob. I find it interesting that a school that has such a notable alumni base would continue to stand behind individuals who bring shame upon the Univerity. Sidney Lowe II was involved with some bad stuff and guess what, this is NOT a case of the “man trying to hold a brother down”. I suspect because of his father’s position, Sidney II has been able to live a fairly comfortable life and has had plenty of oportunities to build a good life for himself.

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